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Travel Guide: Hamilton Island, Australia

Happy Newlywed Wednesday! Alec and I were on vacation this past Labor Day weekend in Seattle and just got back a day ago so our video isn’t quiiiiite ready but it should be up by the end of the week! Today I wanted to share with you a travel guide from our unreal honeymoon! On…… Continue reading Travel Guide: Hamilton Island, Australia

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Chill Out // New to Newlywed

Welcome back to Newlywed Wednesday!! Today’s post is actually not *specifically* newlywed related but instead how I get myself to chill out when I am feeling like a bad wife for not having everything in its placed or feeling overwhelmed by life…I promise it’ll be worth your time. But first, of course we have a…… Continue reading Chill Out // New to Newlywed


Fall Decorating in August// Vlog

Hey party people! Last weekend/ Monday/ Tuesday Morning I filmed my first vlog! Aka, I just filmed myself doing random things and going about my day and talking too much in the hopes that it would all come together to be somewhat entertaining. I know that some people love vlogs and some people couldn’t be…… Continue reading Fall Decorating in August// Vlog

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I Didn’t Expect That: Husband VS. Wife // New to Newlywed

Everyone! Say hello to Alec because he is sharing some of his very own thoughts in this post!! Along with our newest Newlywed Wednesday video, (which honestly is one of my favorites so far) we are each sharing 3 things that were not expected when signing up for this marriage thing! ┬áSo let’s not beat…… Continue reading I Didn’t Expect That: Husband VS. Wife // New to Newlywed