Throwing an Elegant, Blush Bridal Shower

Hi Everyone! Long time no talk! Corona times have been bizarre and have changed our priorities and affected us all, so I certainly am no exception. But it is only fitting that I have returned to the blog to share photos from this amazing “bites + bubbly” bridal shower that I threw for one of my longest and best friends this past weekend. (Disclaimer: we had this whole shower outdoors with lots of hand sanitizer, food on skewers, and social distance seating 👍🏼). I of course wanted to make this shower as nice and meaningful and over the top as I could for Kristina, but it really did turn out even better than I pictured it in my head. I worked really really hard (so did my family to help me bring my vision to life lol thanks for drilling holes into your house to help me hang these drapes, dad) and I can’t wait to share everything with you now!

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