Welcome to my blog! Why don’t I tell you a lil somethin’ somethin’ about myself!

My name is Heather Fernandes or Heather Fern for short. I’m in my mid-twenties, living in the hot and sunny PNW, and married to my hot macroeconomics sweetheart, Alec. For 5 years I lived in (actual) sunny Southern California and got my Communication Studies degree at Biola University and worked at the happiest place on earth wearing giant pink & yellow ball gowns. Currently I am the marketing manager for a non-profit by day and lifestyle/ fashion/whatever-comes-to-mind blogger/ youtuber by night (but I also do that in the day). I love champagne, vacations, bubble baths, random facts, and puns.

Do you know what’s really hard? Having a full-time job and trying to be a full-time blogger! But from the bottom of my heart, I love to write my blog and give whatever advice comes to my mind and share in life’s little joys with others so here I am. One day I will be the Hello Fashion Blog or Amber Fillerup of the blogging world but today I am Heather Fern and I am here to make you laugh, tell you stories, and attempt to pose on my tip-toes for fashion photos like all the other bloggers do.