Tarte Makeup Haul & Review Hi beautiful people of the internet! I hope you enjoyed that oddly obnoxious/ surprisingly entertaining makeup vid. The best part of the whole thing to me is that I  said in the very beginning that it was Tuesday night and it was actually Monday night 😂😂😂 That’s how tired I was! Also, I can’t explain…… Continue reading Tarte Makeup Haul & Review

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How-To Make Mickey Mouse Shorts

While we were in California last weekend for Alec’s Birthday Surprise Trip, we obviously went to Disneyland and I was so excited to wear this outfit! I bought it all specifically for this day because I am just *that* extra but after posting this picture on instagram, I got so many DM’s asking where I…… Continue reading How-To Make Mickey Mouse Shorts

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How To Pull Off The Ultimate Surprise Party Wow. I mean I don’t even know where to start. First of all, if you are reading this without watching the video first, pause, scroll up, and press play. I promise you will not regret it (also, don’t forget to subscribe)! As beautiful as these pictures are and show some really cool details, the…… Continue reading How To Pull Off The Ultimate Surprise Party