15-Minute Freezer Meals

This was supposed to be posted weeks ago but surprise, our twins decided to make their grand entrance! I was trying to get my to-do list shorter and shorter and a big box to check was prepare some freezer meals for easy dinner with two newborn babies in the house. Thankfully I had a very helpful sous chef in my mom (jk, she was for sure head chef) and we were able to put together 10 meals for us since we duplicated a few. I can’t take credit for these recipes, I found them all through other freezer meal inspo sites, but I am going to share them all with you here! I spent no more than $150 on ingredients for these meals which is much less than we’d pay for 10 take out meals!

Easy Freezer Meals that are actually easy and seriously delicious. Bagged make ahead freezer meals.
Photo Source: Happy Money Saver

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