Prepping For Twins: Baby Gear

Hi friends! I am really excited to share the baby gear that we have ready for these twins in partnership with Lulyboo today! One of my first thoughts when I found out we were having twins was “omg we have to buy two of EVERYTHING” (spoiler alert: not true). You definitely don’t need two of everything, but for some items, it sounds like it will certainly help us out. So let’s just get right into it!

Lulyboo Lounge ToGo | I can’t wait for the babies to be here (for many reasons), but one of those reasons being that we can take them around while the weather is so nice this summer in Washington– to the neighborhood park, to the beach, over to my parents, or even just spending time in our own backyard! This lounge is amaziiiing because it is extremely portable, lightweight, and hello, it is really pretty too! It folds up super conveniently into a backpack for transport, comes with a sunshade, toy bar, and changing pads, and is lined on the bottom to keep moisture away. I highly recommend getting a Lulyboo Lounge To-Go for your babies since you can literally use it anywhere– there are lots of carriers and bassinets out there but none that can be so easily transported like the Lulyboo. You can use code HEATHER15 for 15% off your order but only until May 15, so be sure to go check them out real quick!

Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller | After a TON of back and forth between the Vista and the Bugaboo Donkey 3, we settled on the Vista for our go-to-stroller. The Bugaboo is a side-by-side double stroller while the Vista is a tandem “above and below” stroller, the Vista was just going to be more convenient for our lifestyle since, once you put our Nuna car seats on the Bugaboo, it wouldn’t have even fit through our doorway. I mean, they are both extremely nice strollers, you really can’t go wrong, but you’ll see our compromise below…

Nuna Pipa Lite LX Car Seats | This was an item that I knew even before I was pregnant that I wanted– and then we found out it was TWINS and we’d need to carry TWO car seats so we wanted to go as light as possible while not compromising at all on safety. These car seats are really high quality, super sleek, and SUPER safe. Win, win, win in my book.

Zoe Luxe Twin+ Stroller | So here is our “compromise” from the Vista V2. The reason we were so back and forth on strollers was because a lot of twin moms said that they like being able to see both babies equally at once but it’s also nice to have them side by side when they are a little older. Well, enter the Zoe Stroller. We are so impressed with the quality of our Zoe and it is so stinking easy to fold out & in. Basically a luxe umbrella stroller for twins is how I think of it!

BabyBjorn Bouncers | This is another item that I knew I wanted from the beginning– definitely a bit spendy for what it is (and because we needed two of these), but with twins, I needed to have a safe place to put one or both babies that was portable enough to move around the house for when I needed my hands free. I know when I was a baby, I loved my babybjorn bouncer so hopefully that will be the case for our babes too!

Fisher Price Swing | So this is an item that we only got one of and let me tell ya why. One of the most shared tips from other moms is that your baby is going to be picky about stuff like this. And we are going to have two opinionated babies to work with lol. We didn’t want to buy multiple of the same swing if one or both don’t like it. Maybe they’d prefer the bouncer or the motion of a mamaroo instead of a classic swing motion, so we are going to test this guy out, see how they like it, and go from there!

Snuggleme Organic | This is something we just recently purchased two of with some of our baby shower gift cards. I wanted to have a safe, snuggly place to put them when they are newborns whether it is on our bed or on the couch when I need to have my hands free. I didn’t want to just lay them on a blanket on the couch and call it a day. Maybe it is a bit overkill but ya girl just wanted to be prepared! I also preferred the look and functionality of the Snuggleme over the Dock-A-Tot.

One thought on “Prepping For Twins: Baby Gear

  1. I thought you had a double bottle warmer that you use. I was looking for it but can’t find it. Help

    I’ve got 5week old twin boys.


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