Goodbye 25!

Goodbye 25!

Welcome back to my annual year in review! Overlooking the fact that I skipped/ forgot last year's post, I like to take a look back at the year at my birthday and all the things I got to experience. At age 25 I took 30 plane flights, went to 5 countries, bought a house, adopted [...]

Ultimate Walt Disney World Guide

Ultimate Walt Disney World Guide Welcome to my Ultimate Walt Disney World Guide! Despite working in DisneyLAND for five years, I used to consider myself relatively unfamiliar with Disney WORLD. They really are SO different but I have compiled all of my must-do and can't-miss tips and tricks for each of the four parks below. These are just [...]

Surviving Disneyland at Max Capacity

Surviving Disneyland at Max Capacity (here is my tee shirt) So you want to go to Disneyland at peak season, huh? Listen, I don't blame you...sometimes there just isn't another choice when you look at travel schedules, holidays, and PTO. When we went on December 27, the park hit max capacity by 11am. To give you a point of [...]