Las Vegas During Covid

Hello everyone! I went back and forth and back and forth about whether or not I was even going on this trip nonetheless going to post anything at all from our visit to Las Vegas nonetheless post a blog and vlog about it. Yet here we are. Let me explain– so we booked this trip awhile back to celebrate our friend’s birthdays. It started to get closer and we thought we’d need to cancel the trip and then things started opening up and moving forward so we decided to wait to cancel. Then everything paused again and up until the last minute, I really wasn’t sure whether we were going to go or not. Well, spoiler alert, we carefully decided to go and honestly, it was probably the absolute cleanest, safest, most relaxing time you could ever have in Las Vegas. I will share about alllll the safety precautions that were taken by us, the airline, and the hotel, what was open and what was closed, and how we spent our 5 days there. I am not encouraging travel during this time, just merely sharing our experience.



Alright so first and foremost, let me set the scene for you. I know a handful of people who have flown in the past few months and I shared their similar experiences while flying on Alaska Airlines. It really did feel (and smell) safe and clean. You were of course required to wear your mask 100% of the time (unless eating or drinking), they handed out hand sanitizing wipes at the beginning of the flight, seats were spaced out so you weren’t all crammed in, and the drink options were limited and served in their original cans or bottles so there were no “open containers”. We were very mindful not to touch anything unnecessarily and to be diligent with our hand sanitizer.

So as far as a the safety in Las Vegas went– we stayed at The Venetian Resort and they told us at check-in that they were one of the very top resorts on the strip for coronavirus precautions. When you walked in the doors, there were thermal scanners that took your temperature and sometimes additional temperature screenings with a handheld. There were “6 feet apart” markers anywhere where a line would potentially form, at check-in only one guest from your party could stand in line, all of the slots and tables at the casino were adjusted so chairs would be missing to social distance or only every other slot machine was turned on so people wouldn’t be sitting right next to each other. There were only 4 people allowed in an elevator at a time so there was usually a line formed to wait to go up. They also had tons of surgical masks for you to have and use all over the casino floor and at the pool. You had to have your mask on, over the nose (and if it slipped under your nose, within truly 5 seconds, someone would come up to you and ask you to adjust it), at all times unless eating, drinking, swimming, or taking a quick photo. This of course wasn’t an issue for us, but the only time this was slightly more inconvenient was at the pool.

The pool at The Venetian, and honestly I think at every resort, had a low capacity to meet social distance guidelines with lounge chair spacing and pool capacity. So we had to get up by 8am to get down and get in and not leave, otherwise you’d get put on a waiting list (we weren’t aware of this one day and got put on the waiting list and didn’t get into the pool the entire day). Even though the chairs are spaced for social distancing and it is all outdoors, you had to keep your mask on, over your nose, the whole time. The only exception was if your whole body was in the pool, then you didn’t need one. And they were VERY diligent about policing the masks, especially on the weekend. So when you are laying outside in the 110º heat, it wasn’t ideal, but that’s just the way it was.

The restaurants were at lower capacities as well since tables needed to be removed or blocked off for social distancing and some required you to continue wearing your face mask until your drinks arrived. Every restaurant also had virtual menus with QR code cards on the table instead of paper menus. At the time that we visited in late July, there were no shows, day clubs, night clubs, or bars open. In general, it felt really empty in Vegas. Especially on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, there was hardly anyone at all walking around as you can see in the vlog. The weekend was definitely more crowded though, especially on Saturday (the day we couldn’t get into the pool). Technically I think a couple of day clubs and night swims were open on the weekend but you had to purchase a table or cabana starting at $750-$1300+ so we opted out of those.

Hotel + Transportation

Okay, so like I mentioned, we stayed at The Venetian Resort. Since Alec is deemed “an essential employee”, we were able to take part in their buy one get one deal on our room. We paid a bit more once we got there for an upgrade and we thought the room was super nice! We had a great view of the pool and the room had a separate bedroom and living room which I always appreciate, especially when traveling with friends or family so there is extra space if you want to hang out in each other’s rooms at all. The Venetian and Palazzo recently went through a remodel and upgrade, plus the covid of it all meant that everything was super clean and in tip top condition. The Venetian is located pretty conveniently on the strip, maybe slightly more towards one end but we still walked almost everywhere. We literally walked over 30,000 steps one day and my feet haven’t been the same since. Otherwise, we Ubered or took a taxi to/ from the airport and to the Bellagio one night so that I didn’t sweat off all my makeup in a long sleeve dress 🙃 they were wiped down between passengers and you had to keep your mask on with the windows rolled down while driving.


Like you read above, entertainment was slim-pickings. Which tbh, was fine and very relaxing because the only things we did were go to the pool, go to restaurants, and play a few slots. We didn’t want to spend much time in the casinos because it just felt more crowded with all the machines and no fresh air so we just found empty corners or sections to play. They were still really empty though, except for Saturday. We spent a lot of time walking up and down the strip and taking pictures which I count as an activity because we took thousands, literally. It is fun walking through the different hotels and taking the time to admire things you normally wouldn’t pay attention to if you had a jam-packed schedule. In all of these pictures, I promise we have our masks right beside us, and merely removed them for a quick photo.



Welcome to the exciting and extensive section of this post! I feel like all we did was eat and eat and drink and eat some more. Thank goodness we walked so much so I didn’t make myself sick! We ate so well and I wish I could go back and literally eat at all these places all over again and get the exact same things because I really don’t think I had even just a “good” meal. They were all fantastic!


Highlights: Garlic Scallion Noodles + a poached egg (insanely good), Shoyu Pork Ramen, Pork Belly Buns


Highlights: Fried Chicken with Cheddar Waffles and Seasoned Watermelon, Bourbon Blackberry Lemonade, Nutella Beignets

I also ordered the deviled eggs because I lovvve deviled eggs, but they were just a bit dry for me so I can’t count it as a highlight, sorry!


Highlights: OMG the Chicken Meatballs with truffle butter…absolutely AMAZING (tied for best dish I ate), Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup Dumplings, & Bone Marrow


Highlights: It’s 5 O’Clock in Hong Kong cocktail (second best drink of the trip), Traditional Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumplings, Marinated Cucumber and Garlic (we couldn’t stop eating these)


Highlights: Handkerchief Pasta with Pesto. This was literally one giant single piece of pasta and it was unreal. It was also the yummiest, smoothest pesto I’ve ever had.


Highlights: Please Her, Caesar cocktail and Manchego Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates


Highlights: The whole meal. Everything. We were truly transported into another world. The Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño (tied for best dish I ate), Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, Spicy Scallop Hand Roll, Grapefruit on the Rocks cocktail (the best drink of the trip), Pina Martini cocktail…the list can go on….


Highlights: Another killer restaurant and we literally got the best seat in the house! Truffle Spaghettini, Wolfgang’s Weinerschnitzel, New York Steak. I would normally always get the ahi tuna cones when I go to Spago, but because of kitchen changes from covid, they weren’t serving them.

We also had a couple lunches at In-n-Out, the guys got chicken sandwiches from Haddie B’s, and we got some breakfast at Bouchon Bakery. Seriously, all fabulous as well, but not big meals.

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