Abercrombie Fall Favorites

Happy Wednesday everyone! I had to jump on here and share this post with you because I randomly checked out Abercrombie’s new items last night and was BLOWN AWAY. I don’t know who is steering the design ship over there nowadays but Abercrombie has NOT been playing lately. I started adding items that I loved to my bag, ya know, just for funsies, and before I knew it, I had over $1500 worth of clothes in that shopping bag. Don’t worry hubby, I didn’t take the plunge (even though that would’ve made for a fabulous reaction vlog). But considering that my Nordstrom Sale haul ended up being a TOTAL bust for me this year (I only ended up keeping two items), I think a few new goodies for fall might be in order…but I need your help!! Because *clearly* I can’t decide what I really need. Well, not need, but you know what I mean. So I am going to add all my faves here and you need to tell me what your faves are!

Sizing Disclaimer: I know that you will most definitely find some goodies in this list for yourself and if you decide to buy a lil somethin somethin for yourself, which you SHOULD because you DESERVE it you little quarantine warriors, I find that while Abercrombie is generally true to size, it is best to size up if you are in between or think you might want a little more wiggle room or plan to layer, etc….

One-Shoulder Seamless Bodysuit | I love this top. So chic and a great transitional top if you live somewhere where it is still plenty warm. This is a great top to store away for a warm getaway also. We love a versatile selection. Here are those cutie faux leather shorts too!

90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans | I am in need of a new pair of black jeans this year and these are one of two pair that I have on this list. I feel like these would either be super cute and flattering or just boxy and meh. But I am kinda over the super skinny jean look and I feel like that isn’t even in style like it used to be anyways. We need to mix it up, people!

Long-Sleeve Cozy Bodysuit | This also looked so chic and flattering and versatile. I love the tucked-in look with jeans and a jacket or a skirt with fall boots. Not a huuuge bodysuit fan but I’m willing to sacrifice for the style.

Faux Leather Shirt Dress | This guy was giving me major matrix vibes but I was like, into it??? Versatile seems to be the word of the hour here, but you could totally dress this up with strappy black heels for date night or wear it open for a day in the city over jeans and a tank.

Drapey Open Trench Coat | So I have a similar coat to this from Express that I got years ago but it is pink and I wear it all the time in the fall and winter. I get warm easily and on days when a full-on coat would be too much, I love a drapey chic coat like this one.

Vegan Leather Cargo Joggers | Dang who is she?? My style is evolving y’all. I am really trying to transition my wardrobe into a much more refined, high-fashion look and how high-fashion does that model look? VERY high-fashion and I am giving the credit to these pants. I also love that bodysuit but it was sold out /:

Faux Leather Mini Puffer | THIS is my favorite thing on this list. I think I really do need this faux leather mini puffer in my life. It is so stinking cute, looks so flattering (I love a cropped cut on my body) and also looks very warm! It also comes in SEVEN colors! I also really loved the brown but I feel like I’ll wear this color more than brown. Sorry hubby, this one is staying in my shopping bag…

Seamless Tank | Okay this is a basic basic but I really liked the square cut of the tank and thought it is a great layering top for sweaters and jackets.

Embroidered Logo Joggers | I may not look like a sweatpants type of girl but these look like they could totally be styled with cute sneakers and say, a faux leather mini puffer, and be the perfect cozy chic outfit for running errands this fall.

Vegan Leather Cargo Joggers | Do these look familiar?? Well maybe that’s because they are the exact same pants as the black ones up there. Honestly, the model really sold these for me. I aspire to look that chic in my winter whites this year. Not exactly sure that is the most practical look for Seattle in the winter but we will cross that bridge when we get there…

High Rise Super Skinny Jeans | And here is black jean two for two. I know I literally just said I am over the * skinny jeans * BUT a pair of skinny jeans is necessary for tucking your pants into knee high boots and I love my fall/ winter boots. I have been wearing Good American jeans for awhile and I love them but there is so much elastic in them that they don’t hold up well over time. I’ve heard tons of rave reviews about Abercrombie’s jeans recently so it might be time to cross over…

Faux Suede Trench Coat | This is a really gorgeous coat, you guys. It looks expensive (I mean, it kinda is), it looks classy, and it looks like it can dressed up for a special event or worn with jeans and knee-high boots for a night out. LOVE this coat.

Midi Sweater Dress | Midi dresses are one of my new favorite staples. They are flattering on almost everyone and look so chic and classy. This one reminds me a lot of a very similar dress from the Nordstrom Sale that sold out super quick. This would be really cute with a fall jacket and a hat, which brings me to….

Wool Panama Hat | Last but not least is this SUPER cute hat! Obsessed!! I really love wearing these wide brim hats in the fall/ on a bad hair day. I will say that it is hard for me to find one that looks good on my head and is the right shape, size, etc. so I am wary to buy without trying on but this one is so cute, I may just have to risk it.

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