First Trimester Week by Week

Hello, hello from 14-week pregnant Heather! Ever since I first found out I was pregnant, I have been keeping track of my symptoms week by week to share with you all. I loved reading these types of posts (even before I was pregnant!) because I think every woman’s journey can be SO different. I go into a lot more detail and share things like my first trimester weight gain, the fact that I have had zero sickness or nausea, and whether we know what the genders are yet in today’s vlog so check it out:

Week 5

This is the week we found out! So on top of the crazy excitement, there were a few new symptoms quickly creeping their way in. If you read my last announcement post, then you might’ve seen that one of my suspicions that I was pregnant came from me waking up really bloated (which is out of the norm for me), I was also insanely tired this week (that only got worse lol), and I started to get brain fog which was really weird. It took me forever to find the word I was looking for (if I could get there at all!).

Week 6

I feel like I should preface all of these by saying that I experienced a lot of joy during these weeks after finding out I was pregnant and starting to share the news with our closest friends and family but I really only made note of symptoms that were more on the negative side. So for week 6, I was feeling tired, slightly more cranky this week, heightened sense of smell, and the girls started to grow a little.

Week 7

Well this was THE week. The week I went in for my first ultrasound and found out the surprise of a lifetime– that we were going to have twins! Literally every emotion across the board went through my body this week. SO many ups and downs and tears and excitement. It was exhausting 😂 but besides the big news, my super smell was on another level. We had to move things like garlic into our garage because the smell wafting from our pantry was next level. I could smell hand soap from our upstairs bathroom while downstairs in the living room. I was like a real superhero. I didn’t have much of an appetite this week, but if I did, I wanted cheese! Mostly just in the form of a slice of tillamook sharp cheddar as a snack but I will also never turn down some Chik-fil-a Mac n cheese either. Except, I developed an aversion to chicken that really hasn’t gone away since. I won’t throw up or anything, it just does NOT sound good.

Week 8

Week 8 was a hard one. I was just seriously so tired and was feeling a little crampy since things were moving and stretching extra fast because of the twins. We also had a scare with some bleeding this week and really thought it was a miscarriage. It was really really scary and sad and we are really thankful that both babies ended up being fine. It turns out I had a small tear by one of my placenta’s where it was trying to attach but that was an emotionally draining experience to say the least.

Week 9

So week 9, my appetite started to pick up more. I forgot to mention this when talking about my cravings in the vlog, but the one thing that I have been indulging in this whole pregnancy is breakfast sandwiches! I liked them here and there before I was pregnant but they were more of a splurge or treat. I still am not having them like every week, but probably one every other 😂 I have made some homemade patties and made sandwiches from scratch at home but if I’m out and about, Starbucks sausage, egg, and cheddar or McDonald’s sausage egg McMuffin’s definitely are my sandies of choice! I feel like I started to notice a little more of a “bump” during week 9 also. Probably still a lot of bloating and expanding but things are moving quicker because there’s two babies and two placentas in there.

Week 10

I feel like my energy definitely started to pick up more in week 10. In general, even at 14 weeks, I’d say that I still feel more tired than I did before pregnancy, but I could tell a specific difference in energy levels at week 10. I also feel like my eating habits got weirder this week– I really didn’t want any meat and was craving way more carbs than normal. Getting a full salad down (even my favorite Bella Chop Salad from Fondi) was a struggle. Or I would randomly be like “omg you know what sounds so good right now? a grape Fanta soda” when I have literally never had that in my life. Spoiler alert, I did go to the store and got a grape Fanta and it was delicious. Currently, I try hard to get in as much healthy eating like spinach smoothies and fruit and veggies in the first half of the day as I can in case things start to go downhill more by nighttime.

Those were all the notes I had for my first trimester in review. I feel like things have leveled out a bit more in week 14 as you read. It is SO WILD to me that I am quickly creeping up on being HALFWAY DONE with my pregnancy. Because I am having twins, the average week twin moms go into labor is 36 weeks and they won’t let me go past 38 weeks without being induced. That means that week 18-19 is my halfway point! only 3.5-4 weeks from now! Insane. Well if you missed any of the past three vlogs, please check them out. They bring a smile to my face every single time!

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