Twin Pregnancy Weeks 14-16

Hello hello! Well I am actually halfway into week 17 by the time you are reading this but ya girl’s got to be on top of it if she wants to get these posts up in time! I seriously can’t believe that around weeks 18-19, I am HALFWAY through this twin pregnancy (twegnancy?)!! These babes won’t stay inside me any longer than 38 weeks before I’d be induced though most twin moms go into labor around the 35-36 week mark. I really want to keep these kiddos in as long as I possibly can, but it is so insane that I am already almost halfway there.

So let’s dive into what these past 3 weeks have looked like! Overall, I’d say weeks 14-16 have been pretty easy. BUT, something super painful/ inconvenient happened during week 15 and we think I slipped a disc in my back! Ouch! I think all the things expanding and moving in me combined with me not really taking it easy combined with my bad back genetics did me in and for a solid 5 days, I was in horrific pain and could barely even sit up or walk. It started more mild the first day or so and I went to a chiropractor and remembered why I don’t like chiropractors because I HATED it and I honestly think it made it worse. But at that point, I thought I just couldn’t get to a spot in my spine that needed to be cracked, not a full on disc issue. A week of icing, heating pads, lumbar pillows, and staying vertical seemed to do the trick. But besides that drama, I feel like my symptoms are pretty different from other’s around me (aka the pregnant mama’s in my Facebook groups) and from videos I watch on YouTube. I have had no nausea, no heart burn, no migraines which I seriously want to repeat over and over that I am so thankful for. I feel like my biggest symptoms are being realllly tired still which then also gives me a general lack of motivation and a lot more breakouts than I am used to. But besides wanting to lay around with a mud mask on my face all day (I have also been is SUCH a movie mood lately. Like 1-2 full movies every night), these past 3 weeks have been relatively uneventful. We started working on the nursery which is really exciting (much more on that to come) and are trying out yelling different baby names around the house to see what sounds right. We have three boy names and three girl names that we are workin with right now but I honestly think we will be those people who go into it without a final decision and figure it out once we are holding the babies.

Weight gain? I am still under my pre-pregnancy weight which is so weird to me! I’ve checked in with my doctor about it and she is not concerned since babies are growing right on track and all my vitals look fine. I know that the weight gain is coming of course but so far I have lost 5 and gained 3-4 back.

Maternity clothes? I am still not wearing any maternity clothes. I have a couple items on hand like a pair of jeans, leggings, and a couple tanks but so far I am still rocking my normal jeans (but usually unbuttoned 😂). I am still waiting for my belly to pop but again, I know the day is coming eventually so I will appreciate my toes while I still can.

Sleeping? So if you watched my first trimester vlog, then you heard me mention that there hasn’t been a single night since the day I found out I was pregnant that I haven’t had to get up at least once to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and nothing has changed there. Also, around week 16, I started to find it more difficult to find a comfortable position. I was originally a stomach sleeper and even though I don’t have much of a bump, that is uncomfortable and even laying on my sides, I feel pressure. Probably time to wedge some pillows around to get myself more comfy.

Kicks or movement? Okay I really think I have felt flutters a few times now. One at the end of 15 weeks and a couple at the end of 16 weeks. I am very in tune with *my gut* and I know what a tummy gurgle feels like and that wasn’t it. Both times I was laying on my side really still in the evening, just relaxing, and I really for sure think I felt it. The first time I did was actually at the end of a really emotionally difficult day for me so that was a nice little surprise.

Food cravings? I would say that I really have not had any cravings. I have been liking breakfast sandwiches but I also think it’s more like I’ve been giving myself a pass to actually buy them more often than before because I’ve always liked breakfast sandwiches lol. I also feel like something randomly will sound really good (usually some sort of sweet treat) but if I give it 15 minutes, something else will sound good instead.

What am I looking forward to? I am really excited to get our nursery furniture in and start organizing drawers and their closet (not like we really have all that much to put in there yet). I also have another appointment with my doctor next week which is always fun for me and the following week I have an appointment with my high risk doctor, which is standard for most twin pregnancies, where they do a 2 hour (!!) full anatomy scan to check their brains and organs and stuff. But I am actually really excited for it (and to make double sure that the boy/ girl genders are 100% correct).

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