Maternity Try-On Haul

Wow I have been MIA on here! Most of what little energy I have, I have been devoting to my Youtube lately so I just give you all updates on my pregnancy there! It has been a rollercoaster to say the least so if you haven’t caught up, I suggest taking a peak at what this twin pregnancy has been looking like the past month or so. But before we had our updated growth scan last week and I was summoned to a horizontal life on the couch, I did a try-on haul of some maternity clothing I purchased! I made sure to take these pictures in the evening after a big meal so that I could puff out the biggest bump possible since it has been a little shy haha. You can see even more outfits in today’s vlog:

Short Sleeve Mushroom Dress (US 6)

Polka Dot Dress (US 6)

Camel Mini Dress (US 6)

Le bebe Long Sleeve (US 4) | Madewell Maternity Jeans (4/27)

Floral Smock Dress (US 6)

Tie-Dye Dress (US 6)

Maternity Jumpsuit (M)

Purple Midi Dress (US 6)

Cream Sweater (US 4) | Madewell Maternity Jeans (4/27)

Blanqi Dress (Size S/M) | Blanqi Leggings (L- def could’ve sized down but only size available when I ordered) | Blanqi Tank (S)

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