My Baby Shower

Hey everyone! I am sooooo excited to share my baby shower with you all today for MANY reasons! First of all, because it was absolutely beautiful, beyond my wildest dreams! And secondly, up until 3 weeks beforehand, we weren’t planning on having a baby shower at all so I am just unbelievably grateful that my friend Kristina was able to pull this off so quickly and still make it so stunning. I give a quick little recap in the vlog up there, but basically, we went back and forth back and forth so many times with our baby shower. First we had it planned in March then thought that would be too early so we pushed it to May 1. Well I just didn’t know enough about twin pregnancies at the time to know that a baby shower at 32-33 weeks with twins is pushing it. Then came all the news about how small they were growing and how fragile they are/ I was. So during that window, we decided we just needed to cancel the shower altogether and, again, due to both their tininess and the fact that there truly was not one weekend that was going to work between our schedule, Kristina’s schedule, my mom’s schedule, etc, we made peace with the fact that we just could do a baby shower. Well jump to three weeks ago, we decided to cancel our babymoon that was going to be this past weekend and at my last growth scan, things started looking up, not by a lot, but enough to where we felt comfortable with something small and so she made it happen!

I was able to have about 10 family members and a few girlfriends over to my house and had a bunch of friends and family join us virtually over Zoom. These babies were truly showered in love and diapers and baby bjorn and books! We were gifted so many practical, nice baby items and so much fun stuff, we were just blown away by the generosity. And obviously, Kristina pulled together the most gorgeous baby shower!! I couldn’t have imagined it being any better than this even if she had months to plan it, nonetheless under three weeks! My sweet aunt made all the delicious food, including that super cute & aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board! Thank you so much to both of them for throwing this shower for me, for their handy little helpers who helped pull it all off, to everyone who attended in person and virtually, and all of you online who have been oh so kind and generous and thoughtful to us during this crazy time 🤍


One thought on “My Baby Shower

  1. Hey Heather,

    I’d love to know where you got the teddy bears for your baby shower. They are so simple and elegant. I can’t find anything comparable.


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