Neutral Twin Baby Nursery

I am SO excited to finally share our baby nursery with you all. We have been slowly working on putting the pieces together and I finally feel ready to show it off. The *vibe* I was going for was really super calm hence all the white and as minimal as I could make it decor wise while still feeling cute and nursery-y. I wanted to have a subtle Disney theme thrown in there as well and could not be happier with the artwork that we had designed for the walls. I have everything linked below for you to check out and highly recommend watching the vlog to really take it all in!

Comfort glider & recliner 


Parker extra-wide dresser 

Olive Tree 

Crystal beaded chandelier 

Wood dresser lamp 

Washable Rug 

Round Mirror

Marble top side table 

Closet bins 

Wall frames 

Disney wall art 

Acrylic book shelves 

Newton mattresses 

Crib sheets 

Crib throw pillow- white 

Crib throw pillow- oatmeal 

Puppy plush 

Lamb plush 

Sleeping Beauty dresser art 

Sound Machine 

Hatch Rest 

Changing pad 

Diaper Pail 

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