Alec’s 25th Fiesta


I decided to mix up my photo/ text order here just for funsies…trying to figure out the best *aesthetic*. But that doesn’t mean you can skip out on my fun little commentary after you check out the pics 😉

This Friday is Alec’s first birthday as a married couple (!!!) but we will be off flying to new adventures so I threw him a spicy quarter-of-a-century 25th bday fiesta this past weekend! The weather was PERF, the food was delish, and my confidence was high since I spent a really long time prepping for this party and it turned out great! We had a custom snapchat filter (that I failed to actually save to my phone within 24 hours…boo), a photo booth (that suffered slightly from the wind), and sooo many yummy treats!

Originally I contacted a few bakeries to see if they could make an impressive fiesta themed cake but they either didn’t have enough notice from me or $$$$. SO I was like “you know what, I can bake just fine!” So I made the coolest and yummiest lemon & raspberry four-layer cactus cake. Then I was like “man I need a cool topper” and Alec and I have this joke about baby groot (also he’s adorable so thats the only reason you really need) and I looked all over for this little baby groot toy to use as a topper and it was sold out everywhere!! So then I was like “welp…here we go” and I spent nearly two hours crafting the little guy out of fondant and black dye and edible green powder and I’m not saying Duff Goldman is going to call me anytime soon, but I was pretty proud of my first time cake decorating skills. I also made mini key lime pies, fiesta macarons, & tequila sunrise jello shots!

SO yeah, I hope the party was a hit, babe! I’ll leave my “I love Alec and I can’t believe you’re 25” post for Friday!

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