OC Night Market + 10 Things


This past weekend, Alec & I went to the OC Night Market at the Orange County Fairgrounds. They only have it a few weekends during the summer and OMG DON’T MISS IT (also go early because people take their *asian inspired cuisine* very seriously and will give 5 years off their life for teppanyaki). We really didn’t even know what to get because there’s so many options like rainbow grilled cheese (hellooooo) and grilled buttery lobster and giant baby bottles filled with fruit and pork belly fries that will change your life (and your breath). We decided on the fries, a few types of lemonade squeezes, and the yummiest grilled shrimp SERVED IN A PINEAPPLE! Basically this place is an Instagram heaven.

I hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday & here are 10 things I have been thinking about lately…

  1. WOWOW if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2….RUN TO IT. Best movie out there.
  2. Tomorrow is Alec’s 25th birthday and the first birthday since we’ve been married and I am really excited for him to open all his gifts because, ya know, I always go overboard with my gift giving.
  3. Tomorrow we also jet off bright and early for his birthday weekend somewhere verrrry special to me! I really should be packing instead of typing.
  4. Thought of the day: How can two people produce so many dishes and trash and how did my mom keep up with our whole family???
  5. Pet peeve of the day: Ok. I feel like lately, nobody looks before crossing the street and I hate hate hate when parents just walk across the street with their kids without looking. Like, hello, this is one of the golden preschool rules! I should just honk one day to prove a point….
  6. I burnt myself out baking so much for Alec’s party last weekend that I haven’t wanted to cook like anything this week.
  7. I absolutely love our little neighborhood for where we are in life right now. We have a huge brand new outdoor shopping center literally across the street and they’re building a bazillion townhouses and homes behind us so there are lots of young people with little kids and we go on evening walks around the park and I am very happy about that!
  8. I really want to go horseback riding soon. Random.
  9. I really really love this face mask. It makes my face feel like BUTTER (in a good way)
  10. I tried to buy a couple cute things for summer online and literally returned every single thing. Online shopping is not my friend (but it IS my wallet’s friend…since everything gets returned).

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