Our Wedding Pt. 2

Have you seen enough of these yet??? Good, me either!

Okay now that you got to see how beautifully our ceremony came together, time to show you the PARTY! Our reception was soooooosososoosososo fun! I wish I could do it over and over again and talk to different people every time and eat more cake and dance even longer (I also wish I crankkkkked the AC because wow I got real hot real fast)!

The set-up alone was breathtaking. Alec and I didn’t get to see it until we literally walked in for our grand entrance and during our entire dinner we were just looking around like “wow wow wow”. It was SO cool for me to see all the tiny details that I had been working on for months come together into this fairytale reception. I mean, the chandeliers were covered in flowers!!! Amazing. Pelican Hill’s chefs are out of this world and our multiple course meal was diviiiiiine. Artichoke bisque, wedge salad, filet mignon, fresh halibut, pomegranate chicken, ughhhh my stomach is growling just listing those off! And since my sweet tooth is one of my top priorities, our gorgeous cake was layers of limoncello cake with fresh raspberry & strawberry lemon curd filling and champagne soaked cake with rose creme filling. PLUS there was a candy bar because, duh. Then there was the late night snack bar with sliders and a multitude of different fries and dips. Are you drooling or rolling your eyes yet? It was really incredible and seriously, we are still just SO thankful that my parents threw this unbelievable party to celebrate us.

Also, I have to give a MAJOR shoutout to our DJ, Brian, because wow he got the party started and he kept it going the entire time!! The dance floor was never empty! Also, SO glad that I had a dress change into my stunning Pronovias because that giant Ines Di Santo was going to get ripped to shreds (Cinderella style) if I had tried to party on the dance floor in it. It was honestly the best night of my life. I have never had more fun dancing as hard as I could, being thrown in the air on a chair (also never been so scared for my life), drinking champagne, posing in the photo booth, and loving life with my new husband!

Again, HUGE thank you to our vendors for making this day EVERYTHING I could ever dream of and more!

Planners: Pure Lavish Events

Photographers: The Grovers

Videographer: Theater 10

Venue: The Resort at Pelican Hill

Dress: Ines Di Santo & Pronovias

Florals: Posh Peony (WOW KILLED IT. SEE BELOW)

String Quartet: Naples Strings

DJ: Elevated Pulse

Stationary: Pirouette Paper

Tux: Vera Wang

Hair & Makeup: Stacey Alyson

Photo Booth: Focus Photo Suites


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