Wedding Day-Of Details

Hiii. Wow I have seriously been MIA. Getting my tonsils out really kicked my butt! I am not being a very good blogger here…time to step my game up! This could be a long one so it’ll make up for it (;

Hopefully you aren’t sick and tired of these wedding pictures and posts but right when I think I am done with them, I think of more things that I have to say that I wish I had read when I was planning my wedding or I discover more pictures from The Grovers that I want to post! This *should* be the last though! (Until the wedding video gets here!)

You know when you are on Pinterest and looking at wedding inspo and you see something you really like and want to know more or want to know where you can get it but there’s no info?? SO FRUSTRATING I KNOW. So I am here to help! I really want to share a handful of pictures and provide some background behind some of the fun details from our wedding day! We had a few quirky things we added to make our day special and The Grovers took sooo many gorgeous detail shots that I just have to have another excuse to post some more!!

So hopefully there is just one person out there who will read this and get some *inspo* for their own wedding day!

Here is this little cheat sheet also if you like whatchu see…

Venue: Pelican Hill Resort

Wedding Planner: Pure Lavish Events

Photographer: The Grovers

Stationary & Signs: Pirouette Paper

Florals and Linens: Posh Peony

Rentals: Lounge Appeal

Candy Bar: Hollywood Candy Girls

Champagne Glasses: Things Remembered

Vow Books: BHLDN

Handkerchiefs: Etsy

Sand Containers: Crate and Barrel

Communion Goblet: Etsy

Guest Book: Shutterfly

Frames: Hobby Lobby and Home Goods

Kaylyn hand drew these flowers that were the envelope liners on our wedding invites. I love how they reflect off Alec’s ring! So aesthetically pleasing…
For my bridesmaids on the day of the wedding, I had Kaylyn make custom cards for each one of theme with my nicknames for them on it, gave them each a champagne glass with their initials, silk robes with their initials, and matching earrings to wear for the wedding. There was only five of them so I had to spoil them (:
Make sure you set a limit for how much everyone can drink before the wedding!!! I don’t think we even went through these bottles *before the wedding*…
I am so happy that we got these adorable vow books to use during the ceremony. It looked way better than holding a piece of paper!
Along with the *fancy* gifts I got my parents, I got each of them a personalized handkerchief (ft. her original wedding ring that she gifted me that morning) that said something meaningful from my childhood. Surprisingly, these were the gifts that made them cry the most!
Once again, Kaylyn is a star and she made a custom wax seal for our invites and menus and she hand watercolored a map of Pelican Hill and the surrounding area that we sent out with the invites!
This sign was one of two Disney touches we had at the wedding. I really didn’t want to ovvverdo it but like hello, princess life is in my blood now so…*happily ever after*
Ugh take me back. I love that we chose mirrored vases for the aisle flowers so they look like they’re floating. I didn’t do any petals on the aisle itself because the train on my dress would’ve swept them all up like a vacuum.
Get this shot!!
We went back and forth about how to do the seating chart and I’m so glad we landed on this idea. Also glad that we arranged it by table number instead of name. People are adults, they can find their name! Also make sure it’s high enough so people aren’t squatting on the ground trying to read their name!
Make sure your card box and gift table is super safe. Pelican Hill even provided us with security since cards are so easily stolen at weddings by crumby people (we had no crumby people at our, but thanks anyways security man!)
DO THIS DO THIS DO THIS!! Trust me, you do not want people holding their iPhones or iPads up in the air or in the aisle during the ceremony. Make sure your officiant mentions it right before the ceremony starts as well because some people are just too excited and neglect to read your nicely made signs before being ushered to their seats!! TRUST ME.
If flowers are your thing, go big!
So. I was against sand ceremonies because they’re usually neon colored and that just wasn’t the aesthetic (have I said aesthetic a lot?) I was going for but we wanted to do a unity ceremony besides communion to really symbolize two becoming one and candles weren’t gonna work because we were on a bluff over the ocean. SOOOO I actually love what we did. I got sand from my backyard on the Puget Sound in WA and Alec got sand from his backyard in Huntington Beach and we combined them. We also collected a bag of sand from the beach in Australia that we added to our vase when we got home! ALSO we got the gorgeous vintage communion goblet from Etsy! But we forgot to clean it out so it was full of dust when we poured the wine in, lol.
We didn’t decide to #hashtag our wedding until a couple weeks before but I’m glad we did because actually a ton of people posted with it! Just make sure it’s simple! Also, GET A SNAPCHAT FILTER! They are so reasonably priced and your guests will love it since everyone is on their phones capturing the partayyy!
During cocktail hour, we had these cards out on the tables that said things like “What should we name our kids” and “What’s the secret to happily ever after” and “What sights should we see around the world together”. Just make sure someone is designated to collect them! We got some really funny responses and now we are naming our firstborn Chandler Bing.
Love love loved our bar signs! Probably my favorite signs…they just looked so cool and were easy for people to read!
We had an open bar but decided not to serve hard alcohol. As much as Alec and I love a good cocktail, once people start downing tequila, it can get out of hand real fast!
This one is a two-fer. 1) I LOVE that we used our engagement photos as our guestbook! People wrote a ton of nice, fun things in the book, they got to look at some of our gorgeous photos (also by The Grovers) and when we look back on it, we can look at our photos plus our guests! 2) The sign behind the guestbook says “Be Our Guest…Please sign our guestbook” so there is Disney detail #2.
We knew we wanted to display a verse and we both loved this one. We made it a part of our vows and now this sign sits in our home! We had our wedding planner move it around throughout the evening so it kept popping up!
This is one of my favorite shots. Posh Peony killed it with flower chandeliers! It glammed up the room 1000%. Alec and I also specifically didn’t place any tables behind us even though there was a lot of space because we didn’t want people munchin on their dinner in the background of our photos!
I have a good handful of cousins and we are all really close so I didn’t want to split them up! We splurged for this ahhmazing king’s table that sat all 20 of mine and Alec’s cousins and siblings!
FullSizeRender 10
Unfortunately, this is literally like the one detail that we didn’t get a professional photo of but I was soooo freaking obsessed with these. We had normal table numbers on each table (as you’ll see below) but Kaylyn also made us these precious signs that corresponded with each table 1-16. I highly recommend these!!
The table numbers (made by Kaylyn) didn’t have to be huge, people can read, but make sure that the order makes sense so when someone sees table 14, they know that table 15 must be near!
I love our rented acrylic chairs!! Also, you can peep the white dance floor in the middle that we had our initials put on with decal. It’s little things like that that really don’t cost all that much but really make the people go *wow*
Kaylyn made these amazing marble piece that were sitting on each persons place setting and we marked their meal choice with dots on the bottom of the piece. Like one dot means steak, two dots means fish…you get it. I just wanted them to look as simple and classy as possible so they could take them home!
The funny thing is, Alec and I were so busy that we didn’t even get to eat any candy before it was all gone!
The patio was poppin!! Especially when we brought the late night snacks out there. Plus we had both bars outside in order to keep the inside clear for dancing! SO happy we invested in some gorgeous lounge furniture!
I spy a sequin tablecloth….(we used these for our sweetheart table, cake table, and candy table)…dreamy!
I gave the bakers at Pelican Hill a rough idea of what I wanted for the cake and they absolutely exceeded my expectation! The best part is that we had them deliver the top layer to our villa that night and we ate it for breakfast the next morning! I am not about that year old frozen cake life!

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