Creme + Sugar

Umm ok SoCal people. If you haven’t been to Creme + Sugar yet, GO! This cute little coffee/ dessert shop hidden in Anaheim has the most amazing milkshakes ever. I’ve seen my friends posting pictures here for awhile so while Alec and I were down for his mom’s bday, we made it a point to finally go. Well, especially because they have a *new* beauty and the beast menu that, hello, I had to experience for myself.

It did not disappoint and this day was the epitome of a “treat yo self” day. We managed to drag Cameron, my brother in law, with us (“milkshakes on us” $$) so he could enjoy the magic of C+S with us/ be our photographer. Okay so obviously I had to get the Belle milkshake and it was a lemon cake flavored milkshake from heaven. It was actually my favorite and I should’ve prefaced this whole thing by saying that I don’t even like ice cream very much (gasp) but I really liked this shake. Alec complained that I only drank like 1/3 of it but this is literally cake mixed with ice cream and as big as my sweet tooth is, a girl has her limits. I also asked (made) Alec get the *iconic* unicorn shake because the photo-ops were prime. This was a cotton candy shake and I had more fun eating all the candy on top than the actual shake so I left that one for the boys. So I hope you liked all the yummy pictures and that your tummy is growling and you are planning your next treat yo self day at Creme + Sugar!

IMG_0957 2IMG_0923 2IMG_0958 2IMG_0924 2

IMG_0960 2
ok cameron…(he’s single, ladies)
IMG_0961IMG_0956 2

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