iPhones are important, tonsils aren’t

Hi everyone! Sorry for being MIA and sorry for the random blog post title but the title is about as random as this post which brings me to…

  1. I had my tonsils out last Tuesday and…you guys…never ever ever ever in my whole life have I experienced pain like this. I mean, it’s been torture. For the past few years I have gotten reoccurring strep throat (like 6-7 times a year), including on our honeymoon so that was the last straw and I had to get them out. But it has been just, the absolute worst week. I haven’t slept through the night once (actually I am up multiple times a night forcing down a bowl of jello at 2am so I can take my pain meds), actually I have ONLY eaten jello for an entire week now (spoiler: it gets old real fast) since even swallowing my own spit makes me cry. I was allergic to my initial pain meds so THAT was a fun experience and I had some of the same reactions to my second pain meds so now I’m also taking anti-nausea meds with my pain meds. So I am going in to meet with the doc tomorrow to make sure everything is A-ok. I am so grateful for my sweet mother in law for being here last week to take care of me while Alec was at work and to my darling, doting husband who gets up with me in the middle of the night and brings me flowers & makes me jello and is so loving. Moral of the story, IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET YOUR TONSILS OUT, DON’T!!!  TOR-TURE.
  2. On a happier note, we are SO happy with our decision to have Troy and Aimee Grover photograph our wedding. Their photography style is exactly what we wanted and they make you feel SO comfortable and I mean, you guys have seen in my fast few posts how freaking talented they are!! And although we got every shot we needed and wanted and more, we had a lot of friends and family share some photos they took on their cameras and iPhones because some of them are SO cute so I wanted to share those too!! We are still waiting for our wedding video, but that should be here soon and AHH can’t wait to see it/ for you to see it!
(63) Heather & Alec's Wedding 3-3-17
Alec helping me move around in this monster of a dress

(470) Heather & Alec's Wedding 3-3-17

These were part of our bridal lunch but I was so busy that I didn’t even get to eat one! Which is ok since, ya know, I was supposed to wear my WEDDING DRESS later…
(783) Heather & Alec's Wedding 3-3-17
Apparently the cake was “precut” for us but I didn’t know so when we tried to serve the first slice, it came falling on top of my hand and I’m so happy Alec’s uncle Chris (who actually captured a lot of these amazing images) caught my expression!!
So obviously I used it as an opportunity to test out the frosting

(884) Heather & Alec's Wedding 3-3-17

(512) Heather & Alec's Wedding 3-3-17
When Cameron tells embarrassing stories about me during his speech
(693) Heather & Alec's Wedding 3-3-17
we practiced this dip a lot





Honestly my dress was comically huge sometimes…
Waiting for our grand exit and taking one last minute to admire our beautiful dance floor

(1103) Heather & Alec's Wedding 3-3-17

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