Honey, I’m Home! // New to Newlywed

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Our wedding sand plus sand (& coral) from our honeymoon in Australia!
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I am totally obsessed with different/ funny tea towels. I switch them out like every month.

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Whenever we open champagne, we keep the cork and write the occasion on it!

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I absolutely love this box from Anthropologie that holds my wedding bouquet.

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This is our second bedroom that was supposed to be way more practical but my nice big hide-away couch wouldn’t fit around the corner to make it in 😦 So now it’s our random room

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I just ADORE our little apartment! It is so warm and welcoming and cozy and has great wifi connection and I finally feel like it is really a home. Alec and I both had our own apartments before we got married so we already had almost all of our furniture and thankfully it basically all matches (I may have influenced him when he was buying his apartment furniture a couple years ago….I was thinking one step ahead…). I want to share a few tips I have for making the most out of your space and wedding gifts and showing you how we turned our two bedroom- two bath apartment into a home.

  1. Use your wedding gift cards to buy PRACTICAL THINGS after the wedding. We got a ton of amazing and generous wedding gifts as well as a lot of gift cards. We are grateful for every single thing we got but instead of using our gift cards to go buy the unnecessary (debatable) expensive orange juice press or panini grill or Pottery Barn chandelier, we bought ourselves the silverware, plates, and wine glasses that weren’t all completed because those will be used 1000 times more useful. It’s tempting when you have all that new ca$h money to go buy the fun stuff but I promise you will be glad you waited a few months later (plus, most places give you 6 months to use your wedding discount after the big day so you have time to figure out what you really need).
  2. It’s okay if everything doesn’t match. Say you just moved into your new place and someone generously gave you a couch but it’s green and you really wanted a neutral aesthetic in your home…throw pillows can be your best friend and so can Home Goods. Get a cream blank and some white pillows to brighten up (hide) the couch and throw a cute coffee table book and some white flowers on the coffee table. Boom. You are newlyweds in a new home and I PROMISE that you aren’t going to die if your kitchen table and coffee table are different shades and materials. Honestly, if everything was the same, that would be a very drab home. AND buying things like rugs or picture frames or chairs from a place like Home Goods is an awesome way to let your interior decorating mind run free and not pay Pottery Barn prices.
  3. Don’t over do it. If you are just moving into an apartment, it might be so exciting to buy all the cute frames and candles and plants but you run out of room FAST and for me, a cluttered apartment is a cluttered life so I like to keep things as simple as I can and not over-crowding every single open space. If you buy new stuff, remember the rule “one in, one out” so your space doesn’t get too full! Which brings me to….
  4. Keep it clean, kids. An apartment can go from spotless to hurricane season in one dinner’s time. I will have the place spotless and we finish cooking our meal and doing laundry and I feel like everything has exploded again. And we even have a two bedroom! But the flip side is that even though small spaces get messy fast, they can generally be cleaned pretty fast too.
  5. Last thing….get it unpacked!! I am the worst with this one. Every apartment I have been in, I let boxes sit for monnnnnths. At one apartment, I literally had a stack in my bedroom that I covered with a sheet and it was there for an entire year because I just didn’t unpack them (obviously, I have too much stuff then). I know it can be SO overwhelming but omg I can’t stress enough how nice it feels to throw that last box in the recycling and have a clean, cardboard free apartment!

Remember that this is just the beginning!! And you have your whole life to invest in that dreamy huge couch and marble countertops and chandeliers and unnecessary kitchen appliances! Enjoy your cozy new home together and remember to keep the blinds shut so your neighbors can’t spy on you smoochin!

(Let us know what you think and if you have questions on any of the particular pieces above that caught your eye and feel free to ask us any questions for future Newlywed Wednesdays to come!)

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