Heather’s Favorite Things 2019

Welcome back to the third annual “Heather’s favorite things” list! This is basically my Christmas wishlist and the top items I am wanting this season. It is so funny to look back on year’s past and you can get a glimpse of what was going on in that season of life and what my priorities were. Per usual, I thought to myself about a month ago ‘I really don’t think I will have much on my list this year, I don’t need anything’. While the second half of that is more true (what do we REALLY need??), I have proved myself wrong and have a growing list of household items, clothes, beauty, and tech items that I am hoping the big man in red drops into my stocking this year. Hopefully this will help you compile your list, check it twice, and mail it off to the North Pole before it’s too late. Okay enough of these analogies lol

AirPod Pros | I am one of, what feels like few, that don’t have AirPods. And I never got them because my ear holes are small and the OG AirPods wouldn’t fit in my ears lol but now that they have the silicone tip, I am really hoping for some this year!

Lightweight Cast Iron Skillet | So in our new house, we have an induction stovetop, which is really nice! If you are unfamiliar, that means that it doesn’t actually get hot to the touch even when it is full blast. It works through a magnetic connection with your pots and pans but unfortunately, it doesn’t work with nonstick so we had to part ways with all of our nonsticks. They do make nonsticks to work with induction but they are $$$ and I would much rather spend that money on this gorgeous light weight cast iron pan that is much more multi functional, works with induction, can go in the oven, and still works as a nonstick.

Gucci Bloom Perfume | I mentioned this one in my favorite perfumes post, but I just love how feminine and delicate this smells. The actual perfume description is “A flower’s petals unfurl for the first time, the rhythmic hum of bees, the earth glossy with dew”, so if that isn’t going to convince you, I don’t know what will.

Barefoot Dreams Robe (this version is still in stock) | I actually got a robe last year, a white Ugg terrycloth robe that I wear almost every day, but I want to also have a super warm and cozy robe for those chilly Seattle mornings. I have a Barefoot Dreams blanket and it is THE coziest blanket I have ever had in my life so I have high hopes for the robe too.

BFB Hair Extensions 18″ | I feel like every year, I am asking for a new type of extension lol well we might as well keep the tradition going….BFB has a new 18″ extension which is exactly what I need for my hair. I have the fill-ins which are a bit too short for my length now and I also have the classic set but that makes my hair suuuuper long and I want something in the middle for my every day looks.

Wallpaper | okay this might sound super weird BUT I really want to wallpaper the accent wall in our laundry room with this pretty white and gold look. This website, Chasing Paper, has some of the cutest wallpaper ever for any accent wall, bathroom, kids room, you name it!

Laura Mercier Bubble Bath | I love taking baths in our new tub and honestly, what’s a bath without bubbles? I felt a bit old to go out and buy myself some Mr. Bubbles so I am opting for something a bit more sophisticated.

Herbivore Face Oil | I have heard rave reviews about this face oil and I am almost always willing to try something new to keep my skin moisturized and dewy. My skin has been an absolute nightmare the past month…it is SO DRY no matter what I do so I’m hoping this will be some sort of miracle worker!

Python Leggings | Now if you know me, you know that snakes are my #1 fear. Even typing that gave me chills. BUT I have to try to get over that and why not start by wearing them 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love the color of this pattern and love the accent zipper in the front. I think I’d size up in these and get a medium so that they aren’t too thin if you’re bending over. I can’t let those nasty little slithering monsters keep me from my fashion.

Smeg Toaster | I feel like Alec and I are using our toaster a lot more than we used to and our old one is kinda cheap/ boring. So why not upgrade to this absolutely darling toaster?? It is so pretty that you could leave it on your counter all the time!

Zara Coat | I LOVE this coat!! I am wearing a size small in the pic and it fit like a glove. I don’t have anything like it and I am trying to buy things that are a bit more unique since I feel like my closet has become very mundane.

Capri Blue Volcano Candles | Last but certainly not least, these are the absolute very best smelling candles in the whole wide world. Capri Blue in the scent Volcano. Anthropologie sells them in a wide variety of jars but these are two of my favorite below. They are actually on sale right now so if you’re in the market for some amazing new candles….

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