My Favorite Perfumes

Burberry London | Okay I think I have been using this perfume the second longest out of any perfume ever. It is such a classic for me. I am not a crazy floral scent person (adios rose) and definitely not a sweet scent person (adios vanilla) so this is a beautiful classic sexy every day fragrance.

KKW Crystal Gardenia | This is newest perfume I’ve been wearing and I LOVE it. It is probably the one I wear 75% of the time. It is the perfect blend of sexy scent and floral but not overpowering. I love the smell of gardenia and this one really brings a subtle volume of floral notes without being overpowering. I feel like the scent doesn’t stay on body for that long, but tbh, I feel like no perfume sticks to me for that long.

Flowerbomb | This one is a classic. This is actually the one I wore on my wedding day ^. It is a very feminine, pretty scent that I think is one of my most timeless. I would recommend this one to truly anybody.

Kim Kardashin OG | Ok I didn’t think they even sold this one anymore but I really have been wearing this perfume the longest of any I can remember. I still have a bottle and I broke the top so it doesn’t spray but I just can’t get rid of it out of principle šŸ˜‚ It brings back so many memories for me and actually, this one sticks pretty well so the new KKW fragrances can take notes…

Gucci Bloom | This one is actually on my Christmas wishlist. It reminds me of a mix between Flowerbomb and Burberry London. Not as intense and floral as Flowerbomb but it has more a feminine note than just Burberry London. They have a perfume and an Eau de Toilette which is a bit lighter and that is the one I want!

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell | This is another wishlist. I feel like, at least in my mind, Jo Malone is the creme de la creme of perfumes. It is a luxury perfume and a little goes a long way but I got their Wild Bluebell perfume as a sample and wow, I loved it. It was almost like Burberry London but even slightly less feminine while also having some really nice muted floral tones. It was so subtle and felt like a perfume you’d wear for a nice night out when you want to get lucky after….lol I mean, you know what I mean right hahaha

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