Living Room Update

Wow. I am writing this blog post from my new couch and it felt like this day would never come. We actually purchased this sectional before we even had the keys to our home! *risky* I know. For the past almost two months, it hasn’t totally felt like a home and I haven’t completely felt settled until we had put living room couch. The downstairs is almost a totally open floor plan so without a couch, it was QUITE open. I have been watching Desperate Housewives while laying on the rug (I just started and am on episode 8 so no spoilers!!) and am loving being tucked into the wedged corner of the couch. I have waited until we officially had a home to do an updated home decor post (sorry to everyone asking for one!!) and I have also decided to do these updates in pieces since the home is slowly but surely coming together. It is all basically put together at this point but each room needs a little somethin somethin until I feel ready to share them all….our bedroom needs a lottttt like a chandelier, new mirror, frames on the wall. The loft needs art, the guest rooms need some more decor and lighting, the office needs shelves, and the backyard needs landscaping (wow did you guys know how much landscaping costs?! I’ll share in that post…but RIP).

But here we are on the living room. I LOVE OUR LIVING ROOM. I loved it before we even had the couch with the rug and minimalist decor but the couch is better than I even anticipated. I prepared myself to hate it just in case since it is a custom built couch so there wasn’t any turning back. If you’ve been following along with my insta, you’ve seen glimpses into my minimalist decor and white/ gray color wheel. Alec and I both wanted our decor to be large and minimal as opposed to small trinkets and a bunch of items to create our decor. I am going to link as much as possible below the photos so….happy shopping to you!!!

I still need to decorate the console table so stay tuned but send me your recommendations!!

And to everyone saying WHY DID YOU GET A WHITE COUCH?! DON’T YOU WANT KIDS?!?!?! We have a 5 year warranty on our couch that covers any single tiny mark and we plan to have our kiddos within the next five years so….🤷🏼‍♀️ My whole life I have waited to have a white couch and we totally have the mindset that it is just an object and this is our home and our couch and it is ok if it isn’t flawless. We are so so so obsessed with it that we went out and bought champagne just to celebrate our new couch (I mean, if you aren’t celebrating the little things, what’re you doing with your life?!)

Also, BREAKING NEWS, I have every post planned out until Thanksgiving (YUP I am feeling v productive right now) and I feel so good about it. Now this will either be a blog or a vlog aka youtube video twice a week and you can find out which one it is going to be each day on my instagram! I was going to set specific days to be my posting days but I have gone back and forth and can’t commit to any two days lol 🤷🏼‍♀️ So set your reminders, calendars, or timers….my posts are coming and they are GOOD. Everything that’s coming are things that are beneficial to YOU. They will include tips, tricks, clothes on a budget, decor on a budget(ish), holiday decor, recipes, and much more! After all, my brand does say “life, style, and everything in between” so here we go!

Macy’s Sectional (5 piece sectional) Also, Macy’s always has some sort of sale coming up so buy it when it is discounted!

Pottery Barn gray/ ivory jute rug

Pottery Barn coffee table

Pottery Barn console table

Black Bowl

Coffee Table Louis Vuitton Book

Grey velvet throw pillows

Charcoal linen throw pillows

Pampas Grass

Target vase (similar here)

Anthropologie coasters

Samsung TV (I highly recommend hitting up Best Buy or Costco to check out their open box deals. Super discounted!)

Black & Marble statue is from homegoods

Gold candle holder is from homegoods — similar here

Target white picture frame

p.s. the stack of three books on the built ins are old books I have had for yeeeears so I don’t have links!

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