Tips For Glowing Skin

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Raise your hand if you like let your beautiful summer tan fade during the fall!! *crickets* Nobody? K cool, me either. Hence forth, it is very important to me that my face and body skin is in tip top shape heading into the drier fall season.

So here are the products I like to use to my skin glowing through the changing seasons:

Aveda Pads | I’ve said it once (or thrice) that these are my secret weapon for any breakouts. If my skin is starting to look a little sketchy, I use one of these at night and like magic, my skin looks brand new by morning.

Kylie Skin | Mmmmmmkay so yes I set my alarm and got my Kylie Skin products on opening day because I’m not a fake fan. I got the face wash, walnut scrub, toner, and moisturizer. 98% of the time, I never wash my face. I never have and probably still won’t but I like to have a face wash on hand in case I had a really sweaty workout or I am wearing a ton of makeup for some reason just to get in there real good. Love the toner, idk how much it actually does for my skin, but I use it every night and even if I DO use face wash, there is still usually makeup leftover that the toner picks up. I have only used the scrub a few times but I really like it! And I really like the moisturizer. I use it every morning and I really like how thick it is.

I have been switching back and forth with moisturizers between the Kylie Skin one and the Kiehls one that I have talked about 1200 times on here. I also LOVE this it cosmetics cream especially in winter when the weather gets REAL dry. Actually, I think this might be my favorite cream of all time.

I really like the Summer Fridays jet lag mask if my skin is feeling suuuuuper parched (or if I get a sun burn, oops). A little goes a long way but it definitely makes your skin very dewy.

Face Self Tanner | I love the idea of the sun but don’t love laying out in direct sun because 1. sweat and 2. skin cancer. Always and forever for as long as you live you should be wearing sunscreen every day (don’t forget your ears and the tops of your hands) so I prefer to use self tanner. I’ve been using this Coola one for awhile and really like it.

Which then brings me to my body self tanner, I have been using the Coola self tanning mousse for awhile also and I like it but the nozzle gets stuck a lot and I’ve had it leak a couple of times which is annoying. I really like that it goes on clear though so it doesn’t stain my sheets unlike the St. Tropez one I used to use that goes on brown. Both give me a pretty solid color when I wake up in the morning though. Let me know if you use a self tanner that you love! I am not a “find one product and stick to it for life” girl. I like to try new ones.

Finally, I really love Jergens firming body lotion. I actually HAVE used this since high school (guess I was a hypocrite ^) and love the way it makes my skin feel (not greasy) and it leaves me feeling very moisturized. And I think it smells amazing! Maybe I am just nostalgic 😂

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