Gift Guide for Guys 2019

Okay so I feel like most everyone usually comes to the consensus every holiday that shopping for guys is the hardest part. Whether it is your dad, brother, or significant other, it is hard to find something unique and meaningful and something that they would actually care about. So I have compiled a list (different from last year’s list which tbh is still pretty solid) for you to look through if you are still hunting for the perfect gifts.

Give a meaningful gift | Regardless who the gift is for, I promise you that this is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. It might seem silly to give someone a chicken for Christmas (I promise it makes for a lively conversation when they open their envelope) but giving a gift for those who live in poverty, means so much. Even if you are an early bird and have already decided what everyone on your list is getting, I recommend just adding a little something (there are literally things for $8 here) as an extra gift.

Patagonia Pullover | $99 |This is a great gift for any guy in your life. They have a ton of colors and they are the perfect thickness to keep you warm no matter where you live. Alec wears his allll the time.

Jack Black Products | These are some of the very best products for guys. They have a bazillion things to choose from ( ok, a little less but still, there’s tons) and the quality and scent is really nice. Alec uses a bunch of their products like shampoo and conditioner, body soap, face moisturizer, and sunscreen. Again, a great gift for any guy in your life.

Sonos Speaker | $399 | Okay this is a bit of a big item but Alec told me to include it….so this is a very nice Sonos speaker that can either be synced and work with your existing Sonos speakers to create surround sound or you can use it as a portable bluetooth speaker. A+ sound quality.

Snoop Dogg Cookbook | $15| I just thought this would be a funny one to give to the guy in your life who likes to cook and has a sense of humor. I mean, he does a show with Martha Stewart now so he’s got to be credible.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones | $349| Here is the previous version for $279 and here is the version before that for $179. These are THE best noise cancelling headphones. I have the earliest version and they are still amazing. But they just released their newest ones and they are so beautiful.

Flannel Pajama Pants | $39 | I feel like guys wear their pajama pants into oblivion so gift your dad/ brother/ hubs a nice new pair of flannels this Christmas.

Cole Haan Sneakers | $120 | If you have a pair of Cole Haan’s then you already KNOW that they are one of the comfiest shoes you will ever wear. I’m taking all day in Disneyland without a sign of a blister comfy. They have these new sneakers for guys in about 10 colors and I think they are super cool looking considering they are also built for comfort.

Double Glass Latte Mugs | $14 | My dad uses these mugs and is obsessed with them. You can hold the outside without burning your hands, they look cool, and they hold a big cup of coffee actually. They’re bigger than they look in this picture.

Philips Air Fryer | $149 | This is a great gift for any guy unless they literally order take out 3 meals a day. Alec got one a couple years ago and we use it all the time! I don’t know what it is but it just steps the food game up so much from a regular oven. We make “fried chicken” in ours, homemade chips, or “fried cauliflower”. Plus it makes your frozen fries or chicken wings taste SO much better than an oven. Magic.

Very Sexy For Him Cologne | $58 |So last year I suggested Dolce Gabbana Light Blue cologne which is still a winner and this year I am sharing this bad boy that is actually from Victoria’s Secret lol I would recommend not giving this one to your dad or brother though.

Ted Baker Pullover | $155 | Ok I know I shared the Patagonia pullover up there but this one is a bit of a professional step-up from that. These are what Alec wears to work almost every day over his button-ups. They look so clean and classy and are a bit more professional than the other ones if you are trying to step your style game up/ have to dress more business casual at work.

North Face Gloves | $35 | Alright last but not least are these North Face gloves which I think are extremely practical. We live in Seattle and I mean, it gets cold here but not like midwest/ east coast cold. You don’t need to be wearing full snow gear outside but if you are going for a walk or running errands, I love the thickness of these gloves. They also have tech touch so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone which is 👍🏼

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