Gift Guide 2018: For Him

Ugh, guys are so difficult…to buy for lol. Honestly I feel like Alec isn’t tooooo hard this year because I’ve been keeping a list for months (literally) when he mentioned something he liked. I love that because it always surprises him when he gets something he forgot about and it makes me look good haha! But in general, the dad, brother, boyfriend, etc gifts are hard! It’s either just more clothes or a new phone charger or some random tech-y gift or shoes or cologne. I mean, none of those things are bad, but a guy can only have so much cologne, ya know? So here are some of my top picks for the best gifts of the season for the difficult dudes special guys in your life:

1. Bose Wireless Micro Bluetooth Speaker | $79 | I feel like most people have a speaker in life at this point but even so, this little guy is small and can be brought anywhere to get the party started! Plus, Bose is a really great brand with high quality products so the sound will actually sound like it’s supposed to.


2. UGG Scuff Slippers | $79 | These are the best slippers for men ever. They have many different styles but I love the Scuff because it is easy to get on and off and your feet don’t get *too* hot. I have a pair of UGG moccasin slippers and omg my feet heat up so quick. But the scuff is the perfect balance of cozy, convenient, and cool (temperature and style).


3. Etched Wine Glasses | $12 | I love this idea. This can be used for any type of drinking glass (even if your guy is more of a lemonade man). You can etch something funny like a nickname or just a classy initial monogram. Go crazy! Super affordable but very personal and thoughtful.


4. Wine Folly Book |$16 | Following in suit with the glasses, this book is SO cool. I bought one for myself and then got one for my dad for Christmas (dad if you’re reading this, sorry for ruining the surprise. And if you aren’t reading this, how dare you not support my blogging endeavors). This book has so many really cool facts about all types of wine like the best price points and how long certain wines are good for and how to store them and then info on different regions and it is all beautifully illustrated. I would highly recommend this book just for fun to anyone in your life who has in interest in wines.


5. John Legend Vinyl | $23 | So people don’t really give CD’s anymore but giving a vinyl is a thing again and it is a fun easy gift for any guy who has a record player (and if they don’t this is a good one). Plus, now that it’s trendy, you can find tons and tons of vinyl’s on Amazon. I got my dad this Michael Buble one last year.


6. Kiehl’s Mighty Moisture Set | $30 | Men need moisturized skin too!! I know us ladies can get quite the skincare routine going sometimes but the men should not be neglected…nobody should live with their face sluffing off. So, hook the guy in your life up with some really nice quality products at a really nice price point.


7. UGG Jogger Pants | $85 | I got Alec a pair of these a couple years ago and they are HEAVENLY. They are the softest sweatpants ever and I love the jogger style because 1. It looks cool and 2. You could even get away with wearing these out as a styled outfit.


8. Personalized Cufflinks | $35 | I think these are so fun and I think a dad would get a kick out of these. Make them funny, make them nice, make them yours! Wow I should write Hallmark cards that was beautiful.


9. Agate Clock | $72 | I found this on Etsy a bit ago and keep thinking about how cool this is. This is one of those gifts you give your hubby and you’re like “omg I found this JUST for you it’s so cool here let me put it right here on the mantel for you” but really, you want it for you too.


10. William’s Sonoma BBQ Tool Set | $129 (but 20% off + free shipping with code UPICK right now!) | This is the tool set that Alec has and it is SO nice. We have a BBQ on our deck and use it all the time (well, we will see how much it get used in the winter now that we live in WA lol) but I think this is something where it is worth investing a bit of money into to have high quality BBQ tools. I think most guys would love these!


11. Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Cologne | $68 | Ok, Ok, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to include this one cologne. This is THE best smelling cologne ever for men and I will never back down on that (although, Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy For Him is a surprising close second). It is the perfect man scent and is not overbearing and is just perfect. I mean I don’t even know how to describe it. Anyways, buy this for every man in your life. I promise you they’ll love it.



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