Heather’s Favorite Things 2018

It’s time for me to share my annual favorite things list! Unfortunately I am not Oprah but being the inspirational woman she is, I am going to copy her idea of her coveted list of the best Christmas gift ideas of the year. These are things that are actually on my list and things that I actually want so why not share it with all of you!

Glassybaby Drinking Cups | $55 | Okay yes this is a seriously pricey cup, but I few them more as a collector’s item, I guess. Every single glass is hand-blown and no two are identical. They are the perfect size to hold in your hand and I actually prefer to these over wine glasses because hand-washing wine glasses is truly the worst. I have a few of these already but would love to add more!


Apple Watch Gold Milanese Band | $799 | Blah ok so I don’t think I’ll get this bad boy for Christmas but I love it! Isn’t it gorg? I was super excited about it when I saw it because I thought it was so pretty and my Apple Watch is totally shot and won’t work. But OF COURSE the one that I want, this gold band one, is literally double the price of the regular one -_-


Black Truffle Oil | $39 | Williams Sonoma is comin in hot with the truffled items and I am HERE FOR IT. Much to Alec’s disapproval, I absolutely love truffle. I can eat it with anything and whenever I get the chance, I do. WS has this yummy truffle oil, pasta sauce, burger sauce, actual pasta noodles, you name it, and I will accept any of it this Christmas!


Nike Air Max 270 Sneaker | $100 |These are marked WAY down so go get em!! I think they are so cute and Nikes are so comfy 98% of the time. I haven’t gotten new athletic shoes for a while so I’m the market for some…


Kopper and Zinc One Piece | $168 | Alec and I are going to Asia in the spring (!!!!!) so I have already begun looking for some really cute pieces for this potential once in a lifetime trip! But ugh for real, why are bathing suits SO expensive?! Like actually can someone tell me because I genuinely don’t understand. Anyways, I saw this one on IG and it looked SO cool. So naturally, I need to copy.


Soia & Kyo Jacket | $285 | Okay I am SO obsessed with this. I tried it on during the Nordy sale (see below lol) and it was so stinkin soft and the fit was perfect!! Plus it wasn’t as puffy as the picture makes it look online. I am wearing a small and it fit like a dream. Also I bit pricey but I really think it’s worth it.

c3edf797-7123-4078-a274-0cda521a5215IMG_8281 2.jpg

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream | $16 | I share this in my beauty gift guide so you can read my opinions about it there and then you’ll see why I HAD to have this on my wishlist!


UGG Terry Robe | $88 | I am really hoping I get a robe like this for Christmas because I am SERIOUSLY in the market. I love wearing robes when I get ready in the morning but those cozy fuzzy ones are WAY too hot. I also have some more silky robes but those don’t exactly stay in place while I’m moving around if ya catch my drift haha.



Calpak Luggage Set | $285 | So for the longest time I have wanted Away luggage but the more research I’ve done, I want the lightest one possibly. These Calpak ones are so cute, are actually lighter, and you get a full sized suitcase PLUS a matching carry on for the SAME price. And you still get a warranty. So yeah, now I want these ones. Alec and I have been using hand-me down luggage this whole time so it’s on both of our wishlist’s this year.


Target Leopard Boot | $37 | Basically my list is very expensive this year so I had to break it up a little haha but I saw these at Target and just thought they were super cute and trendy for this season.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 9.52.40 AM

I Love Paris Sweater | $78 | I really really love this sweater. Cropped things usually look pretty cute on me and I feel like you could style this a lot of ways. I don’t usually like graphic sweaters but I feel like I’d wear this one a lot! And it really isn’t too expensive considering it’s from Revolve!


Cole Haan Wingtip Sneaker | $150 | LAST BUT NOT LEAST AT ALL. I actually bought these on Black Friday for myself for work since I put on big trade shows that require miles of walking a day. I wore them to Universal Studios the next day and my feet didn’t hurt ONE BIT. Literally these are the best shoes I think I’ve owned. They are so cute and still look professional and they come in a handful of colors. I really really really recommend getting these for anyone!!


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