Real Talk & Some Encouragement

So I have been having some rough days lately just trying to get myself to feel at peace about where I am right now in life and finding joy and contentment in the “9 to 5”, day-to-day life. Just being honest with y’all. Today Alec sent me this Reddit article and I picked out 10 nuggets from it that resonated most with me that I found encouraging so I want to share them with you! Because whether you are feeling similar to me in this season of life or you are on a major life high, these are ten “Things That All Women Need To Hear At Some Point” (there’s some good ones for you too, guys!):


We are as capable of hurting men as they are of hurting us (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Don’t use our gender as an excuse to get away with things that you wouldn’t accept a man doing to a woman.


Sometimes you need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again.


Diversify your sources of self-esteem.


Just because your mother did so, doesn’t mean you have to act the same way.


Finish your sentences no matter what look someone else is giving you. I guess this applies metaphorically to goals as well.


Your importance and validity as a human is not equated to the amount of interest men give you.


You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.


It’s always okay to buy a bigger size. Clothes are not a reward for being skinny. You deserve to look great at what weight you are.


Knowing how to cook and clean is a basic necessity for a healthy, independent life not something ‘drilled’ into women by misogyny.


“Is anyone going to notice…” The answer is probably not. Your hair has a little cowlick? Eyelashes have a weird gap? Clothes not fitting okay or just feeling like crap? Don’t worry about it. Play it off until it goes away or fix it. Usually being self-conscious about something is more apparent than whatever you’re self-conscious about.

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