Double Winter FabFitFun Unboxing With My Mom


okay #1, you have to watch my unboxing video and I am sorry that it is 9 minutes long but it was so hard for me to cut parts out because my mom is so cute and so funny. I’m sure there’s parts in there that were way more funny to me than you guys but oh well.

and #2, I am super bugged because I delete my memory card before I downloaded all the pictures I took of my unboxing 😡 so you will all just have to manage with the stock photos they provided me with and also you will have to watch the video to see all my add-ons!

I didn’t have anything crazy like $400 of add-ons or anything but I think it was over $100 and I got some steals and Christmas gifts for people!

If you’re new to fabfitfun, you can use this link and code SANTABABY to get $10 off your first box!! I PROMISE you will love it!!

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