Our Christmas Decorations!


Facetune_01-12-2018-13-51-39 2.JPG

Weee I am SO in the holiday spirit this year!! I don’t know if it’s because it is my first Christmas since moving to Seattle or because it’s the first year we have had a full-sized tree, or because I got some seriously bomb-azz gifts this year for everyone but I am READY!! I can’t believe two weeks from today is Christmas Eve!! I am super curious…do you guys open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?? We have ALWAYS done gifts on Christmas Eve after we get home from Christmas Eve service at church and then we opened gifts from Santa Christmas morning. But Alec did it opposite and always opened Christmas Day. We are a house divided!

Also I hope you liked our Christmas cards!! I am super bummed because I wish I put the OG picture from Christmas Vacation on the back of the card just in case people got in and  were like “what the heck is this”. Every year we want to do some sort of funny card and dress up whether it is Christmas themed or not! Last year we were boring and just made a cute one but starting now, be prepared for epic annual Christmas cards!!

Anyways so with Christmas being two weeks away, I guess it might be a litttttle late to share my holiday decor for your inspiration BUT I still wanted to share because I think it all turned out really cute! The video is really funny too so you can take a look and see where e everything is from and see how we decorated our new little apartment!! xo



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