My Hair Routine (all my products & tools!)

Hey party people….I have a whole host of blogs coming your way leading up to the holidays. Soon you are going to see my “Holiday Shop” pop up on my navigation bar and you can shop my gift guides and see what decorations I’m using in our apartment this year! BUT FIRST:

I like to read about what other people do for their hair routines and to get new ideas for what products actually work and why for people so I figured, why don’t I share mine! So here is every product and tool I use for my hair!

I wash my hair every other day and currently I use Living Proof Full shampoo & conditioner. I like it because it doesn’t leave residue in my hair unlike manyyyy others that I’ve tried. I HATE it when the underside of my hair feels gummy despite how long I spent washing it all out. I’ve used the customizable Function of Beauty brand before (which I really liked actually but just decided to try something new) and Redken All Soft and next up I want to use Alterna Caviar Conditioning shamp & condish.

For a deep conditioner, lately I’ve been using Redken All Soft Mega Mask but I remember in high school I had really nice, silky hair, and I would use this suuuper cheap Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist so I think I’m going to pick some of that up at Target today lol.

After I wash my hair, I always always use these four products before I blow dry:

1. Suave Kids Detangling Spray (yes, really)

2. Kenra Platinum Heat Spray

3. DryBar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse – This stuff is the BEST. I’ve also used Big Sexy Hair Root Pump and it’s good too but not as good.

4. Altera Caviar CC Cream

I basically never ever use hair spray in my hair because my hair holds a curl and the Southern Belle stuff keeps the volume up if I scrunch my roots once in awhile.

As far as tools go…

Blow Dryer: I use the DryBar Buttercup and it is THE BEST wow it is so good. It can dry my whole head in like 3 minutes.

Curling Iron: I use the Hot Tools long barrel wand in 1″ and it makes it super easy to get an even curl (sometimes if it’s a short barrel and you have longer hair, it wads the hair up so it overlaps and doesn’t curl evenly). Also, never curl the ends of your hair or it’ll break and never ever ever ever put the heat on full. Ever……ever.

Straightener: I have the T3 Straight Pass and I have had this thing for a decade, legitimately. They don’t even make my exact model anymore. I don’t straighten my hair all that often and my hair is naturally straight anyways…but it’s good to have and clearly it’s a quality product!

I’ve also been using my John Frieda Air Brush a lot lately…it basically gives you the unattainable look of going to the hair dresser which is amazing. It is what it sounds like…a round brush that you plug in and it blows out hot air. I’ve seen a lot of these popping up lately but I’ve had mine for a few years and think it works great! I also like that it’s a round brush so it’ll give volume as opposed to a flat brush. And it’s a good price!

Speaking of brushes…I use 3!

Lately my number one go-to is the Wet Brush. I really like that the bristles are more spread out and much more flexible and I really think I can see a difference in the breakage and split ends in my hair.

My favorite round brush is the Olivia Garden Thermal Ion Hairbrush in 2 1/8″ round. And then I also have my lovely Mason Pearson Boar Hair Brush that makes the hair super smooth and stimulates the scalp oo la la.

So that’s pretty much it! If I wear extensions then I either go with my halo set (that I made myself) or my Barefoot Blonde Extensions in color Brownstone. And my go-to dry shampoo is Drybar Detox.

Feel free to ask me any hair care related questions! Happy styling!


xo, H

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