You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out


Hey y’all (this just feels like a “y’all” post for some reason). It is finnnnallly barely starting to feel like Fall here in Washington today! Yes I am fully aware that it is still “technically” summer blah blah BUT it is September which means Fall to me! I am so excited to start doing some Autumn-y activities but before the weather starts to turn on us, we wanted to get this one out of the way (and I have a feeling we will be back because Alec had so much fun). We drove 578 miles into the middle of nowhere with our friends Josh & Kristina and went shotgun & pistol shooting! I know I know, very BA. We shot through 100 clay skeet pigeon things and my should was thoroughly sore the next day from the kickback. Alec bought a shotgun before we were married (and before I get say no because I don’t like the idea of guns in the home) but it was actually really fun.

So here’s what I learned:

  1. Don’t wear cute shoes because they will get dirty.
  2. Bring padding (or wrap your jacket around your arm like Tina did because if you are frail, apparently like us, you’ll bruise.
  3. Drinking voss water and eating salami while on a shooting excursion will in fact make you feel classier.
  4. “Red means dead” so always keep the safety on. Duh. (that’s an important one).
  5. Don’t record yourself shooting a shotgun in slow motion because the way it makes your body/ skin shake is mildly horrifying and it will give you a stigma.
  6. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” is a skeptical statement because I did in fact take lots of shots at the clay disc things and I missed about 90% of them.

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