Our New Apartment Tour!


FINALLY! Welcome to our new apartment tour! Yes….it has been a few months since we moved in and yes we got everything unpacked in record time (opposed to the MONTHS it took to get through the last box last time). But the hold up was that I wanted to make sure the home was as put together as possible before sharing. I needed to get those beachy photos in the entry way, the art work on our bedroom wall, etc etc…. PLUS I got a new job and we’ve had lots of visitors and we were gone a lot this summer so our home was eternally a mess. Slight set-backs. Ok enough excuses! Nevertheless it is here and in order to get a real feel for the layout of our cute two-bed two-bath, you’ll need to watch the video above! You will also see some items in the video that aren’t in the pictures but I am going to link everything below (or at least as much as I can find/ stuff that I haven’t had since I was like 10 like my dresser and bedside tables) so you can put together a cute home on somewhat of a budget! Ikea, Wayfair, Target, and Homegoods are fabulously reasonable places to shop with a few unique, “more worth it” priced items in the mix too. Happy home-decor hunting!

Living Room

Dining Room/ Kitchen


Master Bedroom


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