How I Ended Up at PAX West



Well well well….you may be wondering how oh how, why oh why were you at PAX West this past weekend, Heather? Isn’t that a video game convention? You don’t play video games!

1. I am a super fantastic wife who is always up for something new and spicy.

2. My husband bought tickets before consulting me so I had no choice.

3. I DO in fact play the occasional Lego Star Wars or Peggle as well as consider myself an avid Fortnite observer.

So basically PAX West is a giant game convention and they have them all over the world and people travel far and wide to come here. If you couldn’t tell from the vlog above, let me tell ya that there was over 80,000 people a day there. You can go and play games that aren’t even released yet (did ya catch me playing the super exclusive Lego DC Villains game. I am too legit to quit), you can get some super swaggy merch, and most of all you can compete for some serious bucks.

So as I’m sure you saw in my vlog that you of course just finished watching, we were miraculously able to get into the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Championship and to be completely honest, it was actually pretty fun. They were giving out free Durr Burgers (see I’m a real fan), drinks, and popsicles. They had Fortnite merch, people in costumes, and they had a hundred beanbags to chill on (however these were full by like 8am so we got to spend four hours sitting on the concrete parking lot ground). But what made it fun was that everyone there was sooooo into it. They would literally all yell and clap for every single kill in the game and it made the whole thing really entertaining. Alec likes to play Fortnite with his friends (but not too much…he is a good hubby lol) (and that’s really the main reason we came to PAX West) so I’ve put in my time watching some Fortnite battles at home and I honestly think they can be pretty entertaining. HOWEVER I seriously couldn’t get over that they gave away over $1.5 million in prize money for this tournament!!! Like…..what? It was split up but the 1st place guy won $225,000 and his reaction was just…I mean, you gotta watch the video to see….SO ANYWAYS, glad we got that out of our system and I hope you know I love you mucho gusto, babe haha! xo, hf

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