Huge FabFitFun Fall Haul


It’s heeeerreeee! And I’m baaaack! I know I have been slightly MIA. Just trying to get the hang of things now that I am working a full-time big girl job with traveling and I come home at the end of the day with a brain like jello. So, many apologies to my loyal readers BUT guess what…the home tour will be up next week! FREAKING FINALLY! And then after that I have a bunch of posts waiting in the wings but I told myself nothing could be set free until I get the home tour done!! Ok enough of this nonsense…on with the show!

I can’t believe fall is right around the riverbed (hallelujah) and that means it is time for a new fabfitfun box!! As a fabfitfun partner I am so happy I have a special code to share with you all to get $10 off your first box! But you have to wait for the end for that one. So you may have noticed that my box looks extremely full in that first picture. That’s because I decided to include a tonnnn of add-ons to this box because I had some add-on credit in my account. I feel like a broken record but this is SUCH a good deal! I mean that Dr. Brant eye cream…yeah that sells at Sephora for $82 and I got mine for $19!!! And two full sized Living Proof shampoo and conditioners for $20. You’d be crazy not to just TRY it!

The actual Fall box itself had some real gems in it too. The contents of my box all retail for $375 and I paid $45. I mean, are you serious?! Yes Heather, I am serious. You can watch my video to actually see everything that was in the box but it ranged from a Vince Camuto tote to a Beauty Blender to a teapot, so yeah, it was diverse.

If you want to finally join fabfitfun (which you do! you really really do!) then use this link right here plus code “FALLINLOVE” for $10 off your first box. Trust me, I wouldn’t be so obnoxious about this if I didn’t really think that you would love it as much as I do. I even went and picked my package up from the post office early before waiting for it to be delivered. Now THAT is dedication.

Make sure to watch the video to see everything that I got! I promise I tried to make it short and sweet! xx

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