5 Goals I Still Have for Summer


SO I hoping that you catch my drift that by saying “my goals”, I am suggesting activities/ accomplishments for you as well. Yeah? Okay great, just wanted to be clear.

So lately I have been having these little epiphanies and lemme tell you why. When I was younger (like 14), I thought that something just clicks when you get older. Like you just become an adult all of a sudden and you have control over your life and you’re a great parent and spouse and like, you basically just know what is going on all the time. -_-

Now I know there are a lot of memes and jokes about how when you were young you thought by age 25 you’d be married with a child and a house but in reality you are 25 eating an ice cream cake for dinner in your overpriced studio apartment watching Friends re-runs. But REALLY, now that I’m in my mid-twenties and married and stuff I’m like “wait a sec, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. What the heck am I doing and why is everything moving so fast?!”

So I know that is probably a little deeper than you were expecting considering this blog title but I promise I will tie it all back togetherrrrrrrrrrr here: I always always look forward to what’s next (which is bad and there’s lots of books that tell you that) and so when it’s spring I’m look woohoo can’t wait for summer and when I’m dying of heat stroke in summer I’m like YAS GURL can’t wait for crisp fall etc etc. But now that there’s one month left of summer (since fall starts in September in my mind), I’m remembering all the things that I wanted to do!

  1. Go for an actual hike. Now that we live in WA there are a bazillion and a half hikes. Some cool ones I’ve seen are half basin, blue lagoon or something, and a lot around mount rainier. So I have to do at least one!
  2. Eat watermelon. 🍉  Okay so I have eaten my WEIGHT in cherries this summer but haven’t had any watermelon! I know, am I INSANE?! Dramatics aside, usually this is a staple in my summer diet so I’m going to go hit up Costco after this for some melons so I don’t get too melon-choly.
  3. Spend more time by the water. We live in a super cute maritime town and my parents live on the Puget Sound so I really want to make sure I am soaking in the quintessential waterfront summer and appreciating it so when it is mid-January and we are on day 60 of rain, I will look back to brighter, shinier days.
  4. Go to Canada. Alec and I want to go to Victoria, Vancouver, and Banff Canada sometime soon BUT there is a quick skipper boat that takes you from Seattle to Victoria B.C. in like an hour and obviously I’m not going to weather the seas in the winter so I really really want to make a quick trip while it is still summer-y.
  5. Finish a book. So listen, I don’t read. I think I’ve finished one book my entire life (the fault in our stars lol). I’ve tried audiobooks and those are hard too because it takes forever and now I work full-time and I just can’t handle that level of multi-tasking during the day and I don’t want to sit and listen at night when I’m trying to have *quality time*. However, I am currently in the middle of three books (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Girl Wash Your Face (this one I’m listening too), and The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands) and I really want to finish at least one of them!! I’m trying to get better about putting my phone away at night to let my mind chill the heck out and use that time to read instead.

p.s. check out my new about me section on my homepage! It’s cute.

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