The Orange County Fair


A couple weeks ago, Alec and I were in Orange County and we knew that we couldn’t miss the chance to go to the OC Fair on opening day because we literally haven’t missed a year for 6 years now! And every year we take a black & white picture in the photo booth and it’s one of my favorite memories to look back on and see how we have changed in the past 6 years (it’s more than you’d think!). I also have to get the giant hot dog from Juicy’s every time and I feel no shame because it is DELISH. Isn’t there something special about fair food?? Is it the fact that it is just so gluttonous that you can’t eat it anywhere else? Like where else will you find a triple stacked cheeseburger with a bun of Krispy Kreme donuts? We also always have to watch the piggy races because it’s one of the top 10 cutest things you will witness in your lifetime. They are so dang little and fast and it is hilarious watching their little ears flopping in the wind. Usually we will also pay the extra bucks to go look at the giant animals, like, an actual giant cow and alligator, but honestly we have done it every year and they really can’t get much bigger at this point, so we passed this time. We also love to go to the petting zoo and find “lil goatie”, a term Alec coined year 1 when we found the tiniest little goat you have ever seen. And I am pleased to inform you that there was not one but TWO lil goaties this year! There were also newborn chicks and newborn pigs that were only SIX DAYS OLD and you guys, guess what, they have a live pig cam so you can watch the little piglets run around if you can’t go in person!

So if you are in Southern CA, make a trip to the OC Fair this next month and fill your tummy with delicious (fattening) fair food, go check out the giant animals, watch some little piggies run laps, try to win giant stuffed animals that you will never actually want in your home, check out the insane cake decorating contest, and go take a black & white picture in the photo booth!

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