Working at Kylie Cosmetics

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday!

So I feel like it’s just going to be a waste of your time if I type out everything that I just said in my video because I’m pretty sure I covered most of it! Please feel free to leave comments below or on the video if there’s anything specific you’d like to know about that I didn’t mention!

But yeah, I’ll give a basic overview for those of you who don’t want to take the time to hear all the dirty details from the video about my time working for Kylie Jenner.

So last summer I got a job (randomly) working for Kylie Cosmetics basically as an email rep for her and the tens of thousands of emails she receives daily. We would sit in little blocks of 4 or 5 desks and they were cute little shiny white desks and we had nice chairs with back brace things on them (lol) since I mean, we were sitting answering her emails all day. And we had foot rests. People would email about all sorts of things, literally,  but mostly wondering where their package is, when something is getting restocked, to complain about a product they claimed was damaged in shipping and requesting a replacement, or people who are confused where their stuff is because they bought stuff from a fake site (there’s a ton of them). There were also a lot of people who would write in and profess their love for Kylie as if she is the one answering all these emails.

There was a cabinet in the office that had every single Kylie product in it that we could look at or test whenever we wanted or needed. It also had snacks in it that we could get whenever we wanted haha. But we didn’t get any discounts on products and we couldn’t purchase anything early but we did get to know when there would be releases or discounts coming up (unless Kylie decided day-of to have a flash sale. Those got wild) but we did get to test products before they were released.  There was always music playing in the room, like Top 20 or something, and there was a big window where we could look into the lab where they make some of the product. We had to have our badges on us at all times and weren’t allowed to go into lab space without permission, accompaniment, and we had to be wearing the proper attire (I explain that in my video). And like I said in my video, for as “chill” of a workplace I guess it was for attire and music and attitude, there were absolutely NO phones allowed!! You would literally be fired if it was out on your desk. Only the four managers were allowed to have their phones and that was even specified on their badges. At least we were allowed to have it on us, like in our bag, because other workers had to actually check their phones in to security or lock them in lockers. And like I said in my video, I get it. And I explain why because I mean, this is an empire and you can’t take chances. But it took some getting used to being a certain amount of feet away from the building before taking your phone out.

Okay that’s as much as I am sharing here, you have to watch to find out the rest and find out what happened that made me stop working there.

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