Oh mah gooooooodness I am freaking out. Yes I know that there is much more happening in the world but please just let me stay in my happy little bubble a bit longer while I take in the sweet sweet smell of my dwindling bank out becauuuuse it’s the NORDSTROM ANNUAL SALE!!

If you are new to this glorious unofficial US holiday season, let me break it down. Every year Nordstrom has this massive sale where all of their brand new Fall inventory is marked down before it even comes out full price. It’s dangerous amazing. Currently, the sale items are only available for purchase for cardholders (which honestly if you aren’t, you should be because it’s basically earning free money) and then it opens up to the entire public on July 21st.

Since we were down in Orange County last weekend, I had to go to South Coast Plaza and see the glorious reduced price tags with my own eyes. Here are some of my favorite pics from the sale this year:

(also, updated side note. While there are some cute pieces, I think last year’s selection was better and idk what the heck happened, Nordstrom, but I went on day TWO of the pre-sale and NO JOKE, nearly everything I wanted to see was gone or they were sold out of my sizes. In-store AND online. So that was pretty frustrating because I feel like they should’ve had their act together and been more prepared for the influx of sales. I still picked up a couple things and will check back once it opens to the public. Maybe they are hoarding their restocked goodies until then)

BLAZER (Size 4 and fit like a glove! I love this blazer!)// JEANS (Size 2. Good American’s run big)


DRESS (ahh it’s out of stock online (shocking) but the brand is Rails and I’ll be wearing this all the time. Size S)


BLAZER (Size 4. Fit fine but not much wiggle room)// JEANS (Size 2)


WRAP FRONT DRESS (Size S but it was pretty tight & short)


TANK (Size S. Obsessed with these. I’m getting them in black and white when they’re back in stock) // JEANS (Size 27)


WRAP SWEATER (Size S. It was really lose around the waist) // JEANS (Size 27)


SKIRT (size 0 or 2 I don’t remember. Runs big.)


DRESS (size XS but tight on the arms)


COAT  (this thing was giant! Size S)// JEANS (Size 2)


SWEATER (Nooo this one is missing from the site too! It was really cute but really short. size S) // JEANS (size 2)


SWEATER (yes the sleeves unzip. Size S)// JEANS (Size 2)


TEE (size S)// JEANS (Size 2)


STRIPED TEE (Size M)\\ JEANS (Size 27)


SWEATER (size S)// JEANS (Size 27)

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