Nordstrom Sale

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEEEEAR! The malls are packed and lined with people banging on the doors of Nordstrom (not really but they should be) to snag the Fall season’s hottest new numbers because the sale officially starts TODAY and me, being an avid and loyal Nordstromite, was ahead of the game and bought my goodies during the *exclusive* (aka you have a Nordstrom credit card) presale last week!

And WOWOWOW all over-dramatics aside, they honestly had SO MANY cute things, it was a good thing I had my trusty and somewhat frugal hubby with me to ix-nay the things I wanted to buy but really didn’t need (let’s be honest, I don’t NEED anything but IT’S THE NORDY ANNUAL SALE). Don’t be fooled…he bought stuff too!

I’ve created a (bad) good habit of taking pictures of everything I try on in stores now so I can look back and reminisce on the clothes that sadly were not bought. Also, my camera roll is starting to look QUITE narcissistic. BUT we are going to use that to our advantage because I want to share with you some of my favorite items from the sale!! Happy Shopping!! (Oh, & as always, I am wearing these earrings like I do every other day of my life. From Nordstrom, of course and they’re on sale!!!!!)


I love love love this sweater! I also wore these jeans in most of the pics below…they are SO flattering because of the dark panels down the sides. 7 For All Mankind makes a similar pair but these are way more affordable!! (SWEATER // JEANS)
I felt so BA in this jacket and I LOVE IT (JACKET // JEANS)
I love how flattering wrap dresses are because you can adjust the tie to wherever your waist falls! (For some sad reason this isn’t yet on their website but I’ll update it when it is! For now I also like THIS and THIS one)
How nautical-chic (is that a thing lol) is this super soft sweater?! (SWEATER // JEANS)
Ok I noticed that ruffles were a huge theme this year and tbh I’m not mad about it! This is the ultimate trendy sweater with ruffles AND cutouts. (SWEATER// JEANS)
Loved this top! I tried a medium instead of small because it’s pretty short on the bottom. Plus I get panicky if a top isn’t stretchy and it’s hard to get back over my head. Anyone else?? I’m like “this is the end…get some scissors, I’ll just pay for the cut up shirt just get me out” (TOP //JEANS)
I wish it was acceptable to wear an outfit like this with a pair of heels to work and call it a day because it was SO COMFY and so cute, right?! (SWEATSHIRT // SWEATPANTS)
Clearly I was feelin’ my look in this one. I would have loved this top if it was just a tinnnge bit longer. (TOP // JEANS)
Normally I don’t wear a tonnnn of color but I was so obsessed with these sleeves!! They also had this in white but I think it looked higher quality in the red! (TOP // JEANS)
I. LOVE. BELL SLEEVES. They are so cute and so practical for holding snacks (jk…but really) (TOP they don’t have this exact one online yet either! // JEANS)
What did I say about the ruffles?? Let’s take a moment to appreciate my dreamy far-off look (name that movie) in this one. This top was soooooooooo soft! (TOP // JEANS)

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