Cannon Beach + Tillamook, OR


*Actually still in a cheese coma*

This weekend we met up with my parents and brother in Oregon for a little mini-vaca and it was so so fun. We flew into Portland and drove to Cannon Beach on the coast and stayed at the Hallmark Resort which literally looks right at Haystack Rock and Alec and I had THE coolest room ever. There was like an actual hot-tub sized spa in the middle of the room. I almost didn’t want to leave the room and just watch the pretty beach from the comfort of my tub! But alas, we went on lots of beach walks and I braved the ocean because as Alec says, I’m a fish, and will take every opportunity to go splash around in the waves!

On our way back into Portland, Alec, my brother, and I made a detour to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and I was thoroughly filled with joy/ disappointed. Filled with joy because, hello, did you see the food pic?! SO. MANY. CHEESY. GOODIES. I mean does a grilled cheese get better than THE actual Tillamook Cheese Factory?! But, I was v disappointed because I had been here multiple times before and was super excited to show Alec because you *used to* be able to take this big tour and watch them actually making the cheese and I thought it was so cool but IT’S GONE NOW!! (can we petition this?!) Now it’s just a little walk through about cows blah blah and some cheese samples and a massive gift shop. Darn you, capitalism. Thank goodness you people make a mean Mac n Cheese.

Check back tomorrow to see THE coolest and most Instagramable Portland hotel we got to stay in and to see the main reason we were even in Oregon to begin with!! xoxo

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