Hello Kitty Cafe


he’s a good sport ^^


and then I went home and ate my hello kitty cookie while watching Mean Girls & it was a pretty girly moment

Sunnies // Purse // Dress (sold out but it’s AQUA and I loveee their stuff)

You guys….how cute is this?!? Alec and I have really been killing the food game lately, in my opinion! But this super cute truck came to the outdoor shopping center across from our home so we waited TWO HOURS (seriously what is up with these food lines?!) just to get pre-processed hello kitty themed desserts lol. But I mean you only live once and what else were we going to do on a Saturday afternoon?!

Fun fact: In high school, I randomly bought a hello kitty sticker (and a rhinestone license plate frame) to put on my car when I turned 16 and then everyone thought I loved Hello Kitty. But I actually was pretty indifferent about Hello Kitty…I just randomly bought the sticker. But then it just got out of hand and it was too late to tell people otherwise. Good story, right? (;

So I am working on some super exciting content for my blog and I can’t wait for you all to see!! Some yummy recipes, fitness tips, outfits, beauty, home decor….basically the epitome of a “lifestyle” blogger. (Remember when I said I’m trying to hone down my “thing”….yeah, still working on that clearly).

ALSO, this is like really really random BUT, I pieced together the raw footage from our wedding speeches and I thought I’d share it here for those who care to see them (hi, family!). My dad’s was super thoughtful and sentimental and my MOH’s was too! And then Alec’s dad and brother killed it with their jokes so it was a perfect mix!! So yeah, if you would like to take a gander…..

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