One Year Later


One year ago was the best day of my life. But it wasn’t the happiest day of my life. Today is the happiest day of my life as I look back on what an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, love-filled wedding we had on March 3, 2017 and how much our love has grown in just 365 days to levels that I didn’t even realize were possible. I am so incredibly happy with the life that Alec and I have gotten to live and the fun places with have travelled and all the belly-aching laughter and Netflix binges and failed recipes and big life changes and just togetherness. Alec was telling me a few days ago that even though he needs his alone time, he prefers it when I am still sitting next to him during his alone time. I feel like that really rings true to our relationship and how no matter what it is, we really truly enjoy life 100x more with each other by our sides. I literally can’t even picture life without Alec and I don’t ever want to. I can’t wait for 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years together and to see how we grow and learn together. I love you so much it hurts sometimes Alec because my heart just continues to stretch to fill all my adoration for you.

After a whole year of looking through our amazing wedding photos from the Grovers, you can see the ones that I have deemed some of my favorites (difficult to choose when there are over 1000 options!). These are the ones I keep switching out as phone wallpapers and have printed in our home and hold back from reposting over and over again. It was a dream come true of a day and every day since has been a dream come true having such an amazing husband as my partner.

Planners: Pure Lavish Events

Photographers: The Grovers

Videographer: Theater 10

Venue: The Resort at Pelican Hill

Dress: Ines Di Santo & Pronovias

Florals: Posh Peony

String Quartet: Naples Strings

DJ: Elevated Pulse

Stationary: Pirouette Paper

Tux: Vera Wang

Hair & Makeup: Stacey Alyson

Photo Booth: Focus Photo Suites


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