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We are here! We are officially in Washington state! I hope you watched the video above because it really gives a great snapshot into our move and the emotions that go with it!

Surprisingly, Alec and I did not get too emotional during the whole process and the weeks leading up to the move, although it was definitely stressful, we never took that out on each other which was super important. I had a few moments here and there (as seen above) where the weight of such a big decision was weighing on my shoulders but Alec was nothing but encouraging and excited throughout the move. It took us about 19 hours to make the drive in my car and honestly, it went by really fast!! I think it is totally a mind game. If you know you are going to be driving for three days, then you don’t really give it much thought and just drive. We brought a pillow for the passenger to sleep while the other drives but we didn’t even need it! We just talked and listened to podcasts and Disney music (lol poor Alec) the entire time! Alec was awesome and drove almost the whole time despite what you see in the video hahah…I was just a lame-o and didn’t record anything while I wasn’t driving.

It has officially been a week since we have arrived and we are loving life so far! Apparently we got here during THE coldest week of the year so far. It has snowed multiple times and that is actually unusual for this area! We are nice and cozy in our big coats that didn’t get much wear time in CA so we are making the most of our new landscape and facing every day with joy and excitement to make this place our home!

One thought on “OUR BIG MOVE

  1. We are doing exactly the same thing in 2-1/2 months except we are a lot older, lol! We never even visited before – did the whole thing virtually. Had a home built, picked all our upgrades, the entire enchilada via the computer and phone calls. Ridgefield, here we come.

    Kinda nervous.


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