Decorating For Our First Christmas + Favorite Ornaments

Gosh I just love it anytime I leave Alec alone with the camera somewhere. He cracks me up. Also, does this mean we can get a cat, Alec?

Now that Alec and I are decorating our home for our first married Christmas, it is so fun looking for cute ornaments that match my style to add to our current assortment of wedding and random Disney ornaments lol and I figured why not share with you some of my cute finds! Maybe you’ll want to add some pizzaz to your tree too!

  1. Letters to the North Pole. I just think this is really cute.43528967_102_b.jpeg
  2. Champagne Pop. There’s a lot of cute Champagne ornaments but this one is a little different!
  3. Aeroplane. This one reminds me of my brother so I like it (: 43483957_007_b
  4. Handblown Wedding Cake. I mean, necessary (but also not because obvi we have plenty…)
  5. Merry Fishmas. I just think this one is really funny haha 43433630_066_b
  6. Nordstrom Bag. I’ll have see if I can sneak this one on… SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
  7. Cozy Light-Up Home. And it actually lights up! 43483114_010_b
  8. Cheese Stack. Ummm a pretty cheese ornament are you kidding?! Sign me up.
  9. Frosted Glass Ball. Nothing too crazy about this one, I just think it’s really pretty._101736186
  10. Sydney Opera House. I mean, honeymoon vibes, ammiright?
    Sydney Opera House Australia Polish Mouth Blown Glass Christmas Ornament christmas-ornaments
  11. Stork Delivery. If you were having a baby (which we aren’t don’t get excited), then this one is too cute!

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