New to Newlywed // Do I Even Know You?


So as much as I love making this blog like a virtual time capsule where I share my activities, thoughts, and random shopping posts, I really wanted to do something more substantial not just for you all to read, but because it is SO easy to paint your life into a pretty picture online especially with a nice little blog. And with this “newlywed series”, it’s not like we’re going to air out all our dirty laundry (not like there’s that much….we are only like 5 months in), but I just haven’t found anything really online that talks through couples and the things that you go through when you get married especially on the younger side of the typical millennial marriage-to-age ratio these days.

So without further ado….welcome to New to Newlywed!!!

Every Wednesday (Newlywed Wed.) my intent is to post some-sort of newlywed themed post. We have soooo many great ideas whether it’s wallet friendly date nights or hosting a couples night, but also things that we have already dealt with being newlyweds, the advice that we were given early on that has proved to be useful, and just general tips that have helped make our small but mighty five months of marriage wonderful! We 100000% are open and we WANT questions or ideas for posts that YOU would like to read about also!

Before we start dishing out our advice however, we think you should get to know us just a smidge better! And in order to do so, we played a game to see how well we actually know each other (Two birds one stone! That is actually a VERY morbid saying)! So I hope you enjoy our video below and check back next Wednesday where we are going to actually share some New to Newlywed stories and advice!!! (Also, the goal is to mix blog + vlog so you can also subscribe to my youtube (I mean, you can subscribe to my blog too) that way you won’t miss out!!)

I like to think our videos are like a fine wine and get better with age…so watch until the end of the bottle video!

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