The Fabulous Madonna Inn


Romper // Dress // Sunglasses

Ok I have been dying to go to the Madonna Inn forever especially after seeing pictures of the “Merry” room and I just knew I had to put this high on my to-do list and I already can’t wait to go back. I literally felt like a real life Barbie doll staying in this amazing room. Alec can attest that I was in actual shock when I opened the door. I just kept saying “oh my gosh oh my gosh” and touching the sparkly walls! Seriously it was amazing!!! The chandelier was HUGE and the bathroom was completely pink…even the sinks!! I still can’t even gather my thoughts on the whole place because it was just that cool. But the irony is that this little adventure was actually one of my big surprises for Alec’s birthday!! I swear I really did try to get us into one of the really cool “rock rooms” that are much more manly. But the Madonna Inn is seriously popular (hence why we had to wait until after his bday to even go) so I guuuuess I had to settle for the girly pink glitter room instead (;

I totally surprised Alec though and had him thinking we were going to go the total opposite direction that day for a surprise. Then once we started heading north we didn’t make it more than 30 minutes before I spilled the beans of where we were going! I’m the worst with surprises. I get so excited when I plan them!!! Honestly it’s amazing that I had made it since March (when I made the reservation) without spilling the beans! But anyways it was just a fabulous time and we ate at their steakhouse that night and I told them not only was it my husband’s birthday but we had recently gotten married so we got TWO balloons and free cake hahaha I mean you can use the honeymoon excuse for the first year, right??? Right. OH ALSO GET THE CHAMPAGNE CAKE. It’s their signature cake and wowowow. I wanted to get more for breakfast the next morning (because that’s a thing too, right??) but Alec told me no and that I’d be mad at myself later if I ate a giant piece of cake for breakfast… we went to Solvang and had giant Danish pancakes instead….much healthier….

Again, here’s a peak at Alec’s jam packed birthday (that suspiciously spanned basically the whole month…)

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