Ostrich Land USA


Also, here is a video that shows Alec’s birthday (month)! He is so spoiled but he’s cute so it’s ok. I can’t WAIT to post about the Madonna Inn!! SOON!

So on our way back from Solvang (I’ll post that soon too), we see a sign for freaking Ostrich Land and OBVIOUSLY we had to pull over and check this out with our own eyes. (And clearly I came dressed for the occasion). For just $1, you could feed them and it was the most random thing I’ve experienced in awhile. I have never seen an ostrich so close like that before and 1. they actually look like dinosaurs the more you look at them and 2. they have THE prettiest feathers! Like they didn’t even look real. They looked like big beautiful silk feathers from an antique shop that someone carefully glued on to the birds. 3. These bad boys are aggressive and they just assume if you approach them that you have food and there were a few fight or flight moments for me when they got just a little too close (don’t worry, no birds were harmed on this detour). If ostriches are your thing, make this a priority in your life haha otherwise, if you happen to be in the area, it’s a pretty fun stop even if you aren’t ostriches biggest fans.

Anyways…Alec and I are having a super productive yet chill Sunday going to church then Costco then more errands then laying out by the pool and swimming and now time to get back to the productive part and go do some laundry….I hope your Sunday is going just swimmingly! xoxo

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