Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It

So I have gotten way better about not shopping since now we are married and *on a budget* but a girl can still make online wish lists, right?? I wanted to share with you some of my favorites that I already own and love and wear and use a lot and also a few things that I have had my eyes on lately! Usually online shopping is so hard for me because it looks so cute online and then I put it on myself and I’m like “huhhh??” BUT every once in awhile (when I actually do buy something online), I score! Like with these….(I’ll explain and link them below!) (Don’t worry Alec, I’m still on our budget)


These first eight items are tried & tested & I love them!

  1. I just got these Caslon sandals from the Nordstrom sale and they are THE comfiest shoes!!! I’ve looked everywhere for a shoe that isn’t completely flat on the ground but isn’t 4″ tall either and these are perfect.
  2. I also got these Steve Madden’s and they should be here today so we shall see what I think in person! Same thing with the heel height and both of these shoes are on sale and SUCH a great deal!
  3. Ok I absolutely LOVE Good American jeans. They are co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and they are extremely comfortable and so soft and so stretchy! No need to unbutton your pants after a big meal with these on! I have these in black and true blue.
  4. These white distressed Paige jeans are my go-to summer pants. A little pricey (why are jeans so expensive?!) but I seriously wear them sooo much so these were worth it for me. I just can’t wear them around my grandparents otherwise it’s the same joke everytime…”oh no you ripped your pants!” (hi, grandma!)
  5. I got this Rebecca Minkoff backpack for my birthday from Alec’s parents and you may have seen it in my Hawaii pics…it can hold SO much and it’s so light and durable for the types of low key adventures I go on haha and it’s so fashionable!! Win-Win!
  6. These gold hoops are in virtually every picture I post. I wear them 99% off the time despite all the other pairs I own. I’ve gone through four pairs of these with no intentions of stopping.
  7. St. Tropez is THE best self tanner that I have used so far (just make sure to use a mitt when applying!) I’m trying to be better about protecting my skin from the sun since it is just SO bad for you long term but ya girl still needs her glow. So I put this on before bed and let it dry a little and lay down a blanket so it doesn’t get on my sheets! The best!
  8. This otterbox case is what I use right now and it’s honestly been a lifesaver this past year despite the fact that my phone is cracked (long story short: I went my whole life without ever cracking my phone. Like, a decade. And I always had cute cases like a lumee or mirror or glitter or something. Then one day it barely fell on the ground and completely shattered and I (Alec) had to pay to get it replaced. Then literally less than a month later it happened again. THEN two months later I was laughing and it launched out of my hands and flopped down the street and cracked the corners and cracked a line down the center. Not enough to actually pay to replace it. So right then and there Alec ordered me the otterbox case and it has been safe ever since) That’s as short as I could get it.

These last four are things I don’t have yet but they’re on the wishlist!

  1. The new lumee is the case I really want but I’m waiting until the new iPhone comes out/ see if I can trust myself without an otterbox.
  2. I love SunnyLife products and this cooler is so cute and practical! Alec and I got a picnic basket and blanket for a gift and I can’t wait to go use them but I really want to also have a nice insulated cooler bag to be able to take to the beach this summer.
  3. This anklet is just too cute and I love dainty jewelry and HELLO who doesn’t want to bring back anklets?!
  4. Last but certainly not least…I just love love this Gucci bag and I am not going to be getting it anytime soon but it’s just so pretty to look at…

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